The massage helps in directing energy through the body and eliminate any energy blockages, following a series of predefined movements. There are still no strict rules regarding a specific order. We present here one of erotic massage variants, namely the one you consider the most appropriate to bring harmony and energy awakening. 

Steps for the erotic massage

The first stage is the preparation, relaxing the muscles and opening the energy channels. This stage indicates a superficial massage, a quick touch on the entire surface of the body. Stage two includes massaging the back and front face of the body, including the erotic massage of the sexual organs. At this stage the energy is driven, more dynamic and then guided to the higher centers of force. This is the maximum time the excitation energy and sex drive awakens very much, that often some are impatient to experience quickly the following steps.

Finally, the massage is focused on the face. This step is designed to induce general relaxation and harmonization of overall energy. After these steps, which can be considered as a prelude, the two lovers can continue through lovemaking that will certainly be much nicer and much higher due to special training favored by the erotic massage. 

Massage can be a prelude welcomed anytime

Because women are generally harder to excite than men, a classic erotic massage is a practice whereby men can prepare before penetration. Flicking and kissing the erogenous zones of  woman, will convey the message through which they communicate that the desire is present, as it can relax, trusting that the man will do everything  he can to generate pleasure. In a couple relationship, the massage is much more than simple relaxation. Too few people indulged long enough to reach his partner throughout the body, thus knowing him better.

On the other hand, anyone wants confirmation that is loved beyond words that are often so unpredictable. One can say huge gentle caress. Moreover, the therapeutic benefits resulting by massaging the muscles are enormous, because are eliminating all tensions along the nerves that cross the entire body.

Erotic massage is the art of relaxation and the key of a safe sexuality

There is though this antechamber of lovemaking that is the prelude, something that is even more delightful than to have them do a massage. Mutual massage performed simultaneously is the key. Massage between two lovers can be considered a delicious and magical aspect of a safe sexuality. This usually lead to a harmonization to the relationship of the couple, to gain love and intimacy between the two and, why not, in a permanent state of happiness and fulfillment overflowing.

We can therefore deduce an absolute law in the art of consolation, namely that a genuine erotic massage is never starting with the genital area. The movements are still very delicate, more delicate than a regular massage because each area is specifically mentioned to be erotic stimulated, thereby generating a specific sensation on the entire body.