You’ve decided to experience the pleasure of an erotic massage. Now it’s time to plan in details, choose the masseuse and not last to choose the exact type of massage. Well, being your first time, there are things you may want to know. Maybe too much said rules but certainly some things that the masseuses wouldn’t like you to do.

So for today here is a list of the most common mistakes and, at the same time, those you would want to avoid. We strictly prefer to express about mistakes during an erotic massage session.

Don’t touch the masseuse

Maybe it is the instinct to touch back the person who offers you the massage. Well that is not a good idea during the session. It is the kind of interaction that doesn’t need to involve your moving too. Her role is to spoil you, your role is to stay there, to relax and enjoy.

Don’t give directions

There are some who like to say out loud everything. It is ok to speak about what you like, about the way you feel. And there should be a conversation, not a monologue. Perhaps it is better to say from the very beginning that you are a chatty person. But, in the middle of action to say to the masseuse what to do it is a lack of respect.

After all, you wouldn’t like someone to say to you how to do your job. So no direction; maybe you may respond if the masseuse asks you to give a feedback.

No food

To interrupt the session mostly like a kid to ask for food it is lack of respect again. Don’t go to the erotic massage parlor as like you go to the cinema. So, get ready for the massage session as like you go to a date rather than going out with a friend. Got it?

After all, the masseuse will get ready for you so you must do the same. Don’t come with a strong smell of onion or garlic. It is totally a bad etiquette for you.

Avoid powerful scents perfumes

The point is the masseuse will use essential oils. Those are with natural and intense fragrance so in a combination with your skin things may not turn in a very pleasant way. So it is recommended to keep your personal hygiene at high level but avoid to use your perfumes right before the massage session.

Be polite

It is recommended for you to be polite, from the very beginning. The masseuse is a well-trained person to perform the kind of massage you have requested. Don’t say words to her that are inappropriate, don’t assume that she must do something in a different way. You can offer a feedback, try another massage with another masseuse. But be polite in any circumstances as the masseuse will be too. A mutual respect must define this experience.


Going to an erotic massage session means an experience like no other. Some may have this once in a lifetime so it is absolutely normal to want to have a happy time. For that, count the fact that there is a gorgeous woman in front of you ready to offer you a pleasant massage. Don’t just expect you deserve everything as you should offer at the same time at least respect and a decent posture and behavior.

With all these being said, we hope you will have the most wonderful time during the erotic massage session you’ll want.