I felt that I could not pass over that trauma. It is said that men should not be offended by size and how the intimate life is; no matter how hard you believe it actually seems to affect you. If we count the story itself too I had the whole plate of things to not trust me anymore.

A broken relationship is a long-term compromise. I will not …  and the list was a long one. I reached the point to reject the idea itself of having a relationship. So I got to remove any possibility that my intimate lives to be as before.

I do not know how but I came across an erotic massage salon. I said to myself that I should try it. There was nothing to lose, after all I was then the guy that had no guts to move to second base and beyond. I say go at least for the sake of admiring a beautiful woman and the right to enjoy a massage.

When you walk into a room at this salon so you already feel emotions. Or at least in my case it was so. Emotions that reminded me about something exciting, like watching a movie that was an outcome. In my episode it was just beginning. Accompanied by a gorgeous lady massage begins. I still do not know how she managed to undress me literally and figuratively. But I wake up so suddenly into a euphoric state. Smiling, I watched, I felt so good. I did not want to close my eyes thinking that would be a dream and everything would fall apart. So I sat at her eyes fixed on what she was doing.

Generally speaking it can be considered a massage, in a simply way. Oh, but you have no idea what effect it has on you. I thought I was the right man at the right place. It was like I used to live somewhere without knowing its essence and now I have discovered it. Finally, I realized that my frustration does not matter beyond the company that I have in privacy. I realized that is a big deal to be compatible with the one near you.

An experience that opened my eyes, walking me through a world where I enjoyed intensely everything around. We ended it with heavy sweating literally and figuratively, with emotions and a very peaceful state of mind. I must confess everything about it I would repeat a hundred times without getting bored. I could be a loyal customer. I do not know yet to what extent matters to be or not single. Just as I discovered another side of the feminine here, I found something new for me, I found myself and what I like.


Everyone has something to offer but the fact what a man gets from a woman can be called a treasured gift! So why not try such an experience?