The erotic massage is not so easy to achieve as it sounds. Not to exaggerate, thinking only at the erotic part because eventually the art of seduction is vast, intriguing and already a first reference from which everything emerges. An erotic massage should be chosen to happen in a salon. It is simply not the same way when you are on ignorant, brutal, dry hand with no effect to satisfy you.

Even though it is just a work for professionals, for curious one find out some tricks for a perfect massage. Or just find out some inside secrets about a massage session. First and foremost it is about the sensual and erotic movements. This is after all the beginning of all. To be tough is not equal with  feeling pleasure. So, typically the most popular movements relate to suave touches, preferable with fingers and palms not applying force for example.

The scene, the decor where everything will happen is also meant to bring some charm and effect of the massage itself literally. There must be something pleasant, intimate and heated place. After all no one would like to get in a place where there are not such aspects. Usually are used also some decoration materials , music and not lastly candles are never forgotten. But also aromatherapy, why not .

The transition from one stage to another has to be easy. It may be that moment of thrill but not caused by pleasure. Some feelings may be due to external factors so it would be a pity to destroy, to tear apart the massage storyline sewn with so much patience and attention and dedication. So for example, some areas are more sensitive to touch. If the abdomen is to say less willing to be massaged the back is extensively explored. But he or she will not expect to be massaged at the feet maybe so that is a real surprise.

What seems equally interesting is that a massage is intended to be a surprise as for men as for women. It sounds daring, maybe something spectacular. But it is a privilege to follow. Goddesses in the true sense of the word giving a massage to another women, such a massage session is without comparison a delight.

Knowing that you can bring a smile on the face that seemed to forget how to live, knowing that  am erotic massage restores hope and the flame in ones life perhaps this is a real satisfaction as the pleasure itself to practice it.


This is maybe an experience no one should ignore or pass over it without notice. Perhaps such an experience is not forgotten so try it out of curiosity and continuous pleasure! This will help you find yourself, find or re-find the erotic part, the art of a perfect massage. You and your partner living like in a dream but being in reality, this is an erotic massage that will awaken all your senses.