Have you ever tried the experience of an erotic massage? Maybe it’s time to find out what benefits it brings, how enjoyable it is and how it revives your erotic potential. The following ideas and techniques we offer are meant to help you deliver the best erotic massage for your partner.

Begin with a head massage

Get your partner to lie down, in a comfortable position, and start massaging his forehead and temples with gentle strokes. Increase or decrease the pressure, as you can see how he is feeling. This is the best way to set your partner in the right mood, before you continue with other massage techniques.

Go on with a back massage

Make him lie down on his stomach and start sliding your palms up and down gently on his back, while stretching his skin. Repeat the movements about 10 times, and don’t forget to synchronise your actions with his breathing. This is the best way to get him relaxed, released of muscular tension.

Roll him over! It’s time for a chest massage

For the best access, put yourself on top of him, and begin massaging his pecs with circular movements. Apply pressure according to his reactions, and don’t forget to pamper his nipples. For a final sensual touch, you can kiss his chest at the end of this part.

Why do you need to do this? Maybe you didn’t know, but the chest is an erogenous zone that’s very receptive to touch.

Caress his arms

Lie next to him and begin massaging his arms, from palm to wrist, elbow and shoulder. Go back and forth, repeat your movements and for a final touch you could end with a palm massage. Even if we often ignore the hands, you must know that they contain many erogenous zones, that need to be stimulated during an erotic massage.

Bum & feet

As you’ve ended massaging all his top, go on with the bum and the legs. The bum and the feet have numerous erogenous zones and stimulation spots. Massaging them will give a double benefit: relaxation and arousal.

By now, he will be fully relaxed and intrigued about what’s the next step. You know what you have to do!

The following tips will help you further in order to create the perfect atmosphere for the massage.

  • Have a light dinner, and include some aphrodisiac meal, maybe some wine.
  • Set the heat at a comfortable level. About 25 degrees Celsius will be just fine.
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere: dim the lights and get anything that might distract you out of the way.
  • Prepare the bed: arrange cushions, blankets and towels (the next step explains why you need towels).
  • Buy some massage oils. That’s why you will need the towels, in case some of it gets spilled. Pick massage oils with aphrodisiac properties to spice things up.
  • Remove your jewelry and cut your nails – certainly you don’t want to hurt him, or scratch him during the massage.
  • With every movement you make, with every spot on his body that you touch, observe his reactions. His expressions will let you know if he is pleased, if the pressure you apply is proper, if you’re offering him pleasure.
  • Use various movements, from light ones to more rough ones, include rolling, squeezing and sliding techniques.
  • Turn things around. It might be a good idea that you massage each other, as you both must get into that sensual state.
  • Use your creativity: the tips above aren’t ground rules that you have to respect every time.


Follow these tips and you’ll see that both you and your partner will be delighted by the outcome!