If the idea of getting an erotic massage is becoming more and more interesting, you should read the things below first. Erotic massages are designed for satisfaction, but there are some things you need to know before making your way to the parlor. Name them as you wish – rules, guidelines, recommendations – and follow them accordingly.


Sexual satisfaction – it’s NOT all about that!


The erotic massage experience offers satisfactions in 3 ways: physically, mentally AND sexually. The latter may seem the most important, but in fact this type of massage offers a state of absolute relaxation, beyond the erotic part.

Erotic massage is indeed a way to achieve complete relaxation. More and more often people forget how much tension is directly related to sexual frustration. In a standard massage some areas are never stimulated and the focus goes to the obvious areas that collect stress and tension: the back and the shoulders. On the other hand, the erotic massage also manages to release the tensions from the sexual areas, leaving the receiver into a state of complete relaxation.



Keep control of your breath


You may think that the erotic massage experience is meant to take you on the highest edges of pleasure. Nothing wrong there, but you also need to know that this type of massage is also a test of control and patience.

What does that mean? The masseuse will build up pleasure in your body, until you reach pleasure at the edge of orgasm. In an instant, the masseuse will then back off. Again and again, you will be taken on the peak of orgasm, in the most pleasant manner. All of this ends with the most intense experience you will ever have. There is a trick in achieving that: breath control. After practicing this kind of edging several times, keeping your breath under control the whole time, will grant some benefits: improved sex drive, premature ejaculation prevention and overall improved sexual experiences.


Take a shower before!


You may think it’s not necessary, but just put yourself in the masseuse’s shoes for a minute. Would you feel delighted to massage a sweaty, full of hair and stinky body? Think of it as an act of politeness and shower thoroughly, because the erotic massage is an intimate experience and you wouldn’t want it to be affected in any way, especially by your BO.



Let your worries drift away


It’s simple: don’t overthink! If you will lie there thinking about the problems you have at home or at work without full focus on the strokes of the masseuse’s hands, you’ll miss out the whole experience. Let all your worries drift away and be aware of every sensation the masseuse puts you through!


Masseuses are not prostitutes – don’t forget that!


That means that you will NOT treat them like they are. Whatever you may think, take count of these facts: there are many types of erotic massage, like tantric or prostate massage, and many years of training are required for mastering them. It’s really difficult to balance full relaxation and pleasure, you have to admit that. This is exactly what separates erotic masseuses from prostitutes, as erotic massage is an art of satisfaction and not just a fast way to sexual satisfaction.

Having these things in mind, you are ready to get an erotic massage. Either it’s your first one or tenth one, it doesn’t matter – most probably it won’t be your last one. So if you’re looking for an erotic massage in Bucharest, we are waiting for you with highly trained professional therapists, actual goddesses of the erotic massage art.