Surely you have asked which are the techniques and what involves an erotic massage. Well, our society highlight a different image of the erotic massage and people have a wrong perception about this form of relaxation. Erotic massage is the most popular and beloved form of relaxation by men. In Mediterranean countries, touching is the most important factor in a relationship. This technique helps the approaching and the relaxation, without the involvement of the actual intercourse.

All men, regardless that have a girlfriend or not, or are married and want to avoid the monotony in the relationship, can use the erotic massage to try something new. Erotic massage is a way to explore all the erogenous, sensitive and delicate areas of a body. By massaging and delicate touching, the senses are awake and the soul is also feed. When the touches and the massaging are done properly, the massaged one becomes very charming.

What makes it interesting and relaxing about this massage technique is the environment in which it takes place. Erotic massage is done on a relaxing music background, with scented candles and aromatherapy, tantric ornaments si fines flavours: all that we need for a good relaxation. Erotic massage uses on the whole body the most sensual and profound movements relaxing the massaged one absolutely.

This massage is realized using aphrodisiac oils on the entire body, with sensual, soft and great movements. That is the way to stimulate all the erogenous areas of the body and to produce great pleasure. The secret of the erotic massage is the fact that the soft, gentle, sensual movements must be alternated with the quick, energetic and sexy movements. The technique is  very important, but the place, the music and the oils used for the massage is also required.

Also, another secret for this great pleasure to become real is the fact that the masseuse must not give up to the contact between her skin and the skin of the client. In this type of parlors there are hired only professional masseuses. Sure, erotic massage it is practiced in the couples too, at home, between the two partners of the love relationship and is designed to bring a breath of fresh air to the relationship, regardless of how old this is.

Erotic massage it is practiced by using the whole body, it is precisely a body massage in which one of the partners receives pleasure and his erogenous areas are stimulated, and the other partner is active, responsive and gives the pleasure. The principles underlying this massage say that the movements should be done wholeheartedly, the one that gives the massage should involve itself in 100% procentage to stimulate the erogenous areas and to intensify the feelings.

For the success of that sort of massage, must be performed in a clean room, with dim light, scented candles, incense sticks and music that is heard on the background. The massage itself is done using the massage oils and the powders. Such massage will surely help to eliminate the daily stress, will induce  a state of relaxation and wellness that will last for a long period of time after the completion of the procedure.