What is tao erotic massage, you may ask. It consists of a complex and authentic experience that features all five senses, what your body is feeling, what your mind is sensing, what your heart is needing and, last but not least, what your soul is sensing. This massage combines the very exact techniques of relaxation, stress releaving and the highest class of sensuality. In this cases, moments of relaxation and resting can occur, making you sink in a state of piece of the body and mind. All these forms and feelings are marked by a tender and soft carressing, refined petting and delicious oriental manoeuvres which will melt your heart. Tao erotic massage is one of the most recommended and most requested types of massages in a saloon for erotic massages. This could imply using all sorts of aromatic and volatile oils and it could last for even two hours of supreme erotic massage.

Tantra is seen as a world of fantasy, of ecstasy and of spiritual ways based on mystic experiences or on role playing more than on dogmas, like some that do not know the absolute truth may think. Tantra makes you see life as a whole and enjoy all of  its pleasures, especially the sensual and erotic ones. A tantric or tao massage can and will carry you on a road that will lead you on a way that, at its end you will find that spark within. The techniques and practices of tao erotic massage requires, as I was saying above, all the known senses and maybe the other senses that we may discover in the meantime. Mind and body, soul and spirit, they are all aligned in a perfect order to give birth to some mysterious and exotic experiences. Within the background of the techniques used for tantric massage, the erotic act becomes sacred, a true appreciation of the being as a whole, a worship act, a true gift of life.

Tantric arts, which include the tao erotic massage, involve praising, like some sorts of glorifying of the sensual games within the intimacy of the bedroom. Erotic massage, with all of its characteristics, finds itselfs within these ripe arts and so full of pleasure and inspiration. Tantra does not have to involve sexuality. Tantra is the glue between sexuality and spirituality, combining, like I have been mentioning above, all of the known and unknown senses. To reach a full understanding of this type of fully relaxing and sexy practice, whoever goes to an erotic massage saloon has to keep an open mind, to be bold, ready and have the courage to receive all that these absolute techniques of relaxation of the body and of the mind can offer to you. Tantra will always be an eternal way of self growth for those who are ready to practice it and embrace it. The ancient premise regarding the sexual energy is that sexual pleasure should never be stopped and that one should always do what it takes to get your sexuality back.