Tantric massage is a very intimate massage technique that is used both to provide relaxation and to create a stronger connection between partners through rhythmic breathing and energy transfer.

What is tantric massage? This type of massage combines traditional massage techniques with sexual energy. The idea behind tantric massage is to stimulate and awaken the seven energy centers known as chakras. These energy centers are located along the spine, and the masseuse will align these centers to release stored energy, allowing it to reach the whole body, from the base of the spine and throughout the body.

The benefits of tantric massage

Improves breathing techniques. This type of massage is often combined with breathing techniques known as pranayama. These techniques are used to transmit energy throughout the body in a more efficient manner. When used together, tantric massage and breathing techniques bring a good general condition, improve attention, concentration and also have physical benefits, meaning that it offers relaxation and may even hasten the healing of wounds and diseases.

Body and mind relaxation. Like any other type of massage, tantric massage relaxes the body, helps to relieve various physical ailments, but also eases the emotional pain. Many people say they feel more relaxed and relieved, mentally speaking. Others claim to feel more energized and more alert, allowing them to be more active during the day and rest better at night.

It improves sexual experience.  Tantric massage can be used to enhance sexual experience sensations of the couple. When performed between partners, tantric massage creates and strengthens the connection between the two and leads to increased intimacy. These beneficial effects are also felt even if the massage is done by a specialized person in this field.

How to do tantric massage

The first step you need to take is to create a comfortable atmosphere. Use diffused light as that provided by candles, and if not, have the brightness reduced in the room anyway. Soft, relaxing music in the background and some scented candles also help to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

Once everything is prepaired, the person who receives the massage will lay face down on the prepared surface. The arms will be stretched along the body in a slight V shape and the feet will also be slightly apart. The focus will be then on breathing and its rhytmicity as the massage continues.


From now the massage continues and can be customized depending on the connection that exists between the giver and the receiver,  and the stimulation that is needed. When we offer a tantric massage it is important that the connection between the person offering and the person receiving the massage is prioritized. The energy of the two will provide relaxation and intimacy for the couple. Important to know: tantric massage is not intended to be a sexual practice. Attention must be focused mainly to create a sensual atmosphere between the two partners and aligning energy in their bodies. Tantric massage is more relaxing than stimulating. It can start with a regular massage, then it continues with more sensual methods to create and strengthen the connection between partners through this massage technique.