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Three reasons why men attend erotic massage parlors

For those who haven’t understood so far what’s the point of going to an erotic massage session well there is still a dilemma why do men, mostly, prefer such a relaxation method. First of all, it is worthy to mention that such a massage session is a little bit different than  the classic one, as we know it. Second of all, it is already tempting for you too from the very beginning when you manifest interest about this. Can you realize this?

What’s the secret of being that attracted to this type of massage? Why men mostly use it? Such questions are one by one curiosities we try to clarify today. First of all, it is more about the erotic element involved in the massage therapy. And that explains everything about the men interests about this. What man wouldn’t be flattered to have a gorgeous lady ready to please him, to seduce him, to offer gentle and  exciting moves? Here are  3 reasons why men attend erotic massage parlors.

They find in this parlor a place where they can express their sexuality

There are many preconceptions about this subject; many still look at it as a taboo subject. And this can  affect the intimate life of a person. So it’s better to explore this territory, the sexuality, to learn more about the preferences each person has. Otherwise how it’s even possible to have a pleasant intimate life? There is no point to exclude this part from our life. More than this, it is actually one of the reasons for which we find the fulfillment in life, for which we are satisfied.

Learn about the intimacy

After all, such a massage session can be considered to be a test. How much are you willing to be opened in front of a stranger? You see the masseuse for the first time in your life. So how will you deal with the level of shyness? In the end, it can be considered to be a way to work with some intimacy issues one has.

Explore more the pleasure of being relaxed and get a massage therapy at the same time

Another interesting part about the erotic massage is that acts like a therapy for the relaxation we all need so much these days. It is a mixture of erotic elements with the massage techniques. So it acts like a 2 in one therapy session. Not only men but women too feel the need once in a while to be relaxed and isolated from the whole world outside, being just preoccupied with their good mood. The erotic massage session can also do this.

As you can see, there are various aspects involved in the self-development rather than the sexuality itself. It’s a dual experience which brings a lot of benefits. It’s just people who tend to judge in a superficial way so the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about the erotic massage is about the nudity and the playful time with a masseuse. So a man may be interested in finding the relaxation mood, in exploring such aspects of life for a more evolved intimate experience for the relationship that will come later on too. Is it this a bad thing?

The conclusion? No one can say whether the erotic massage is ideal for them or not until trying it. So come to our erotic massage parlor, explore the types of massages we offer and make a plan about trying each and every one of these. Just after that you will understand better the benefits of such massages and draw an objective conclusion.

Come join us and you will experience a lot of intense pleasure!

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Erotic massage versus classical massage

We talked about the benefits of getting a massage. It is clearly that such a treatment can be considered as a therapy for the whole body, but also for the soul. You get to experience what is like to release the stress level, to relax and see life with another attitude. This is all about a classic massage. When it comes about the erotic part of this story, get ready to experience how it is to be spoiled by a gorgeous woman.
Today we present you a few ideas in comparison, between the classic massage and the erotic part, to show you what the main advantages of this story are. In the “battle” between these two, which of the sides will you prefer next time?

The moves
When it comes to the classic type of massage, be ready to sense the intense moves but not in a pleasant way. A classic massage will involve to put pressure on the muscles, to release the tension but this may feel a little bit too hard for you. The reason is a therapeutically way to work on your different parts of the body and eliminate the tension.
When it comes to the erotic massage, be ready to sense the moves in a gentle and a totally pleasant way. The masseuse may try to relax you by tickling you – sometimes, or by adding some sensual ingredient in the story; she seduces you with the moves, she doesn’t add force to the moves. Also, the moves are all over the body, not just for one area.

The nudity
We must say in both cases there are some nudity scenes involved. For the classic massage you only have to reveal the back part, usually the part when the message is performed. When it comes about the erotic massage the nudity is implied nevertheless.
The common part? You can keep the pants on. The difference? Well, the erotic part means to let your senses go crazy, to arouse, to be spoiled in this way. So the person who will perform the massage will also be quite naked. That is not going to happen during a classic massage session.

The experience

Even though it is up to each and every one of you to determine what type of massage is better to be chosen, we cannot ignore the fact that each and every type has its own benefic aspects. For example women tend to be a little bit more skeptical when it comes to the erotic massage so for them the more common choice will be about the classic one. At the opposite, men have a different way of thinking.

The classic massage is necessary when you need refreshment and relaxation for your back part for example. But when you want to have a complex experience then you should definitely choose the erotic massage. It involves an activity correlated with the intimacy part, so in a mixt way with the benefits of the massage itself you get to have a treatment like no other.
Also in both cases you will meet a person you have never seen before, so the experience to deal with a new person is in an equal way checked. It is important to mention this because this should not be a reason for you to deny yourself the pleasure of the massage, no matter the type of it.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female. We can offer you the erotic massage the way you want, in the circumstances you want. So we will wait for you in the saloon but so we can send the masseuse into the hotel room also. Want to try?

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Erotic massage, a misunderstood physical therapy


Erotic massage is a very delicate topic to talk about. It may be looked at with a lot of suspicion or with a sarcastic smile. However, if we take some time and really think about its meaning, you will find that erotic massage is a real therapy, with some unbelievable results. It offers you comfort, intimacy, sexual release and it improves your mood. Sometimes the connection between masseuses and clients are very special and very hard to find anywhere else. For lonely people, erotic massage is a bliss.

We thought about the benefits of erotic massages and made a very interesting list with some of them.

1. Relieves stress

It helps you deal very efficiently with the daily stress and your response to it. Even though you could feel very tensed, your responses to stress won’t be so obvious. You will calm down more quickly than ever and you will see the world in other colors, warmer tones.

2. Treats anxiety and other mental disorders

You won’t be afraid to tell what you really want to your masseuse, because she will be very open-minded and won’t look at you as client, but more like a friend, an intimate one. You will feel free to speak your mind, without being afraid you’d be judged. This really improves your social skills and sets your mind free. The erotic stimulation also helps you a lot.

3. Relaxes your muscles

The tension accumulated in your body can make you feel tired and apathetic. A good massage, done by a specialist (who happens to be very beautiful and caring) can radically improve your physical state. Your muscles will relax so you will feel more powerful and ready to do great things.

4. Reduces the headaches

Getting rid of those annoying headaches which tend to happen more frequently than expected is a big plus, because you won’t have to take medication. The massage is something natural that only brings good benefits. If you read the details about a pharmaceutical product, you will be more careful about what you are taking.

5. Reduces the pain

If you ever had some injuries caused by different problems or accidents, a good massage will help you ease the pain. You will definitely feel more comfortable and ok with your own person.

6. Makes you sleep better

Good sleep can improve almost everything: your ability to focus, brainpower, mood, stamina and so on. Remember that last time you slept well and your entire day was a success? If you do, imagine that after doing some massage sessions with our girls, you will feel like that almost every day. If it sounds good for you, don’t forget about the other benefits. All of them combined will make you feel like a god.
Remember that here, at Artemis Masaj, you will get what you really need and want. We are very open-minded, inhibition-free individuals and very careful with our customers, especially with their desires, because our entire customer service revolves around it.

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The erotic massage: explore beyond your sexual boundaries

When it comes to sexual experiences, we all know that as long as we explore more in bed with our life partner, there are more chances to make our relationship stronger. Even though sex is extremely important in a couple’s life, there are many other ways to spice-up your relationship.

Therefore, in the next lines we will explain how exactly can you explore your sexual boundaries in bed with your life partner by practicing an erotic massage as a professional therapist.

The art of an erotic massage within a couple

erotic massage

First of all, think about what would you like to receive in this matter. More precisely, what would you expect from an erotic massage practiced by the one you love? Which part of his body attracts you more? After you will identify the answers to these questions, you will be able to know exactly what to offer him.

Another thing to consider is regarding the main reason which makes most men appeal to professional massage parlors. For example, there are men who feel much more comfortable in the company of an erotic massage therapist than with their own life partner. Which women would like to be in this position? Well, to avoid these typical cases, you must make your man desire you more and more. Long story short, you must become the perfect lover for your partner.

Find out what he likes in bed. There are some who are attracted of some certain types of underwear, there are some who would like to benefit of an erotic massage as part of a fantasy of their own and so on. You must learn how to explore both: your own sexuality and your man’s too. When you get to know a man in bed, you will feel much more confident in practicing an erotic massage.

Mainly, the art of an erotic massage doesn’t refer only to the idea of benefits for just one of the partners. The benefits of this sexual practice are for the both of you, even if only one combines many techniques for the other. Therefore, each woman who decides to surprise her life partner with an erotic massage must enjoy each second of this perfect moment.

Don’t forget that no one is putting pressure on you. This is your special moment with the man you love and you must feel as good as the other one.

The erotic massage practice is being known from the past as the perfect way to bond with the person you are involved into a relationship. Try leaving beside all prejudices and inhibition, because these are not going to help spicing up your relationship.

Another thing to consider regarding erotic massages refers to the ambient you create for the other one. The ambient must include the perfect lightening, the most sensual music and some aphrodisiac scents.

Therefore, the erotic massage is the perfect way you can choose to explore your sexuality within your relationship with your life partner. This action will make you two get closer in bed and reconnect better.

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The erotic massage and its benefits beyond prejudice

2More and more frequently it happens that the stress and fatigue take hold of you and that certainly isn’t a thing that you should do nothing about. Every time monotony takes over, it is recommended to take action in this regard and an erotic massage seems to be always the right choice.

Not only those who already have reached a limit of fatigue can have this type of massage, but also the men who need to retire in an oasis of relaxation, to take a break from routine and have some quality time for themselves. If you are one of these persons, then you can access our website to discover the best way of relaxation you have ever experienced in your life. It is certainly the most recommended solution for breaking from daily routine and finding yourself again.

None of our clients left the massage salon until they felt alive again, men confident in their own power, in maximum power actually. That is, in fact, one of the main reasons why anyone who feels stressed or tired all the time should take into consideration a massage of relaxation.

Of course, it is important that the massage is done by a professional masseuse, with experience in the field. As long as the presence of the young female that is authorized to perform this type of massage is a pleasant one and the way in which she applies the massage techniques are flawless, then certainly and the client will be one hundred percent satisfied.

5 reasons to have an erotic massage

1. A professional erotic massage accomplishes you from many points of view. When you lose your focus at work or whenever you have to complete a project because the deadline is approaching, an erotic massage represents the best way of not getting stressed. This does not mean that in other situations you can not benefit from a massage. On the contrary, we advise you to have one every time you feel you need it.

The erotic massage can be the way to awaken your lust for life, especially when you need an impulse to see the things again with optimism.

2. You can learn new techniques to surprise your partner when you become intimate. You can even discover that there are million ways in which you can relax completely, leaving everything else behind.

3. This type of massage will always surprise you with something new and fascinating. For example, our masseuses never fail to offer to clients the most interesting erotic massage sessions ever. Their purpose is to make them happy and they surely always succeed in doing so.

4. It is the perfect way to relax completely and, in the same time, to benefit from an effective therapy. Once these two aspects can be brought together, the massage promises to be truly successful. In one way or another, we all have a complex which prevents us from doing what we want. Once you have eliminated the stresses created by the impossibility of doing something specific, you can go on with your daily activities, but this time with more vitality.

5. It can be seen as a gift made by you to you. Surely you deserve it. You can spoil yourself once in a while with an erotic massage without feeling guilty about it.

You can add to all the examples above the fact that you will never get bored of an erotic massage because there are so many ways in which it can be applied and, trust us, our masseuses know best how to surprise you. Now that you know all this information it is up to you if you choose or not to benefit of an erotic massage.

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Why are most men afraid of experiencing an erotic massage?

Even though erotic massages are seen as an art of relaxation, there are many men who have misconceptions about this experience. But what can be so negative about these services in order to totally avoid them?

For those who didn’t know by now, erotic massages involve a large variety of techniques, such as: normal massages procedures, tantric rituals and using sexuality as a key to relax the body. Not any woman can practice an erotic massage, this being more an art than a job.

erotic massage

What makes men avoid experiencing erotic massages?

Even though benefitting of an erotic massage is one of their fantasies, there are men who seem to avoid contacting those salons who practice it:

Those men who are married believe this is a way of cheating.

This idea couldn’t be more wrong. Erotic massages assume relaxing the body, through a mix of mental and sexual processes, but don’t involve having sex with the therapists. If one chooses this service, it doesn’t mean that the life partner is being cheated. There are many women who personally surprise their boyfriends or husbands with an erotic massage practiced by a professional who knows all the erogenous zones that need to be stimulated in order to create pleasure and relaxation.

Men think therapists will make fun of them

There are many men who consider benefitting of an erotic massage will make the therapist believe he is unable to perform sexually and that is why he needs to come to this kind of salon. The women who practice erotic massages are perfectly aware that everyone needs to relax in order to get away from the daily stressful situations. Also, not every person relaxes in the same way, some need to be physically stimulated, others sexually, and that is the main reason for the many categories of massages that are being practiced today.

Don’t want to fall in love with the therapist

It is well known that women who work in this area are young, beautiful and smart. Also, practicing an erotic massage means first of all some kind of connection with the client. There are many cases of men who fall in love with that woman who gave them the opportunity to experience an erotic massage.

Afraid of STD’s

When it comes to any sexually correlated activity, people have in mind the fear of taking an STD. But, if you think twice about it, an erotic massage salon will have to be aware of all sanitary rules. Also, it is a general criteria which involves optimal hygiene in any room of the location mentioned. There are many STD’s which can be transmitted only by sexual activity so clients of erotic massage salons can be sure they are not in danger from this point of view. Also, all the women who work here must be 100% healthy.

Fear of being recognized

As it is well known that many people believe erotic massages represent a taboo subject, and so many people who benefit of these services are afraid not to be recognized by acquaintances. They need to avoid being judged by not so open minded people. The solution to this problem can consist in benefitting of erotic massage at a certain place (like hotels, motels or another location) chosen by the client or by the therapist.

Confidential or not

When it comes to erotic massage parlors, clients must know from the beginning that confidentiality clauses are a must. In this way, no men will avoid experiencing these procedures of relaxation.

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Secrets of erotic massage art

Even though you may think you know your partner extremely well, there are still some spicy elements you can add to your relationship. A good example is related to the erotic massage art. Not any couple will experience this, but if you are tempted you can think about it as a perfect sexual way to get in touch with the man you love.

As many other jobs, erotic massages involve some key elements which only experts will know about, like:

  • You have to act as sensual as you can: erotic massages are focused on sensuality in order to obtain pleasure and to completely satisfy your beloved one
  • Intimate ambiance is very important: you can combine soft music with perfumed candles or with some other creative design ideas
  • The oil you will use may have aphrodisiac effects and represents an important trigger for the relaxation process
  • Use sensual moves while massaging (there are many videos on the internet you can use for inspiring yourself in this area)
  • Use your hands in a sensual way: sensual hand manipulation can cause intensive pleasure
  • Don’t stop discussing with your partner: usually, men are attracted to women who “talk dirty”, especially when it comes to an erotic massage
  • Encourage your partner, he will be more satisfied once he sees you’re excited regarding this experience
  • Avoid losing contact with his body (while massaging him, it is recommended to keep body contact)

There comes a time when each couple needs to experience something new. If you both are interested in erotic massages, there is some technical information about this procedure you need to be aware of, like:

  • Specialists in erotic massage art always use the full hand in each technique they practice
  • Specialists also keep the fingers closed together, that is recommended mostly because in this way reaching all the spots on the partner’s body is easier (also the hands will work harder than in a traditional massage)
  • It is also important to be careful with the idea of symmetry in erotic massages (specialists recommend to massage first one leg, then to start massaging the other leg and so on)
  • Learn to cause pleasure by using sensual body strokes
  • Focus around those body areas with the most touch receptors
  • Be careful not to forget to massage any part of the partner’s body
  • Get to massage the intimate area in the end (in this way, the desire will be amplified and the one who benefits of this erotic massage will have the opportunity to feel this closure more intense than in the situation where you start to massage the genital zone first)


Erotic massages are interesting techniques one can use in satisfying the partner in different ways than usually. There are couples who fear to lose their sexual bond. In this case, experiencing the art of erotic massage can be useful, but it could also remain one of that habits which can be repeated once in a while. There are some other couples who like the idea of new, and send their partner to an erotic massage salon.

Therefore, erotic massages have a great importance in a couple’s life, but, also, these are useful for one’s health:

  • It represents a great stress reliever
  • They have a great role in detoxifying the body
  • They help fighting against anxiety
  • They help building the inner strength
  • Erotic massages help improving social capacities
  • When it comes to problems as premature ejaculation, erotic massages are a good way to successfully treat it
  • They have a good action on some body organs (for example: the heart)
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The art of erotic massages: the perfect balance between mind relaxation and body health

We have all heard about those salons which provide services like erotic massages. Which is the main difference between this type of massage and the traditional one? Well, an erotic massage involves using many more relaxation techniques, but, mainly, it will consist in focusing on those tantric procedures.

How does erotic massage action on you?

Erotic massages represent an extremely used method in a couple’s life, with the main purpose of helping partners in sexual reconnection. Based on serotonin stimulation, which is also known as the happiness hormone, erotic massages play an important role in achieving the most intense balance between mind and body.

Combining body therapies with sexual pleasures, any woman can succeed in attracting her partner into an unforgettable experience. She can create the most intimate ambient by focusing on details like perfumed candles, diffused light or music in order to create the perfect space for achieving a relaxed mood based on sexuality. Also, women can opt for choosing the most provocative underwear accessorized with high heels or any other sensual outfits. In this way, the one who benefits from the erotic massage will have the opportunity to accommodate faster with the ambient and, also, to feel more open minded from the very beginning of this experience.


What do you need to consider when thinking about giving your partner an erotic massage?

It is well known that men are usually attracted to self-confident women. Being aware of this makes things much easier for any woman. We also know that men are tempted to hire experts (like high class escorts or those women who work in erotic massages salons), mainly, because their life partners are not enough open-minded regarding the fantasies they have. A professional woman who works in one of the areas mentioned above will never judge the client or make him feel complexed about his dreams or desires. That is the main reason why women have to encourage their partners to open themselves more when it comes to sexual discussions.

During an erotic massage, you have the freedom to explore as many techniques as you wish. You can choose to be completely naked or to keep a certain level of mystery. It is highly recommended to discuss with your boyfriend while massaging him, using some keywords which will turn him on. He has to know that you are enjoying this moment as much as he is.

Get rid of all inhibitions in order to satisfy your loved one.


Insights from the professionals in the erotic massage art

Even though it is tempting to believe that erotic massages involve a simple procedure (especially when it comes to long-term relationships where the life partners know each other for many years), sometimes one can encounter difficulties.

Before surprising your boyfriend with an erotic massage, you may want to choose carefully the oil you are going to use. For example, there are available some special oils with aphrodisiac effects.

Another important thing to consider is regarding the genital area. Specialists in erotic massage art recommend women to massage genitals only at the end of this process. It is proved that men will enjoy in a more intensive way if the intimate area is being avoided until the end. In this way, the desire amplifies and the pleasure will maximize.

The partner has to constantly hear from the woman he loves how much she wants him sexually (this is a tip which can be applied daily in a couple’s life).


Being aware of how important is diversity in your sexual life, you will successfully avoid boredom and monotony, enjoying memorable moments with your partner. An erotic massage can become one of the greatest experience you have ever had, which will certainly be repeated.

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The erotic massage guide – tips from our experts

There is no denying that erotic massage allows better sensual communication between you and your partner. If the regular, therapeutic massage is meant to help you relax and let go of all body aches and pains, sensual massage takes that to the next level as it allows you and your partner to be pampered by the art of touch.

The following tips have only one purpose: to offer you and your partner the perfect scene, the ideal setting in order to obtain complete fulfillment.

Step 1: Get rid of all distractions

If you’re planning to offer an erotic massage to your partner, make sure that you pick a day and a time when you won’t be disturbed. Second of all, the room where the massage will be offered must be emptied of any source of distractions. That includes cell phones, computers, laptops, TV’s – even the outside noise must be reduced to a minimum. In case you have children, send them to your parents or to your babysitter so you won’t be interrupted.

Step 2: Set up the massage area

This second step implies preparing the massage area. Either it’s a bed, a massage table or the floor, you must be sure that the “scene” of the massage will be comfortable. Spread a sheet on the massage surface and keep by some clean towels and pillows, for neck and knee support.

In addition to that, use towels and sheets that you won’t mind having stained, as you will use massage oil. Increase the number of towels, so you don’t have to leave the room if you run short of them.

Step 3: Set up the mood

Surely you will want a romantic and sensual atmosphere. How do you obtain that? The first thing to do is to dim the lights, or cancel them completely. If you’re wondering “Won’t there be any lights in the room?”, rest assured. The perfect answer is offered by candles. You could even use scented ones in order to create the sensual atmosphere you will both enjoy.

Don’t forget the music. Choose some romantic music that will set both you and your partner in the right mood.

Step 4: Extra tips

As you’ll start the erotic massage, you must check some other things off the list. That includes keeping yourself and your partner clean, by taking a shower before this sensual encounter.

Second of all, make sure you cut your nails, as the discomfort of scratches mustn’t be present during the erotic massage.

Third, if you use massage oil, make sure that you don’t pour it directly to your partner’s body. The cold sensation could be rather disturbing than sensual, so warm it up by rubbing your hands, before applying it on your partner’s body.

Last but not least, make sure you keep close everything you need. Maybe some aphrodisiac liquors bring you more pleasure, or some water, or anything else. Just like the clean towels mentioned above, you won’t enjoy going to another room to get them.

There is nothing left to say, as from now on only your imagination and desires come into play. If all this might seem too much, we suggest you surprise your partner and book for an erotic massage for couples, only at Artemis Massage. Either way, it’s your choice, but you certainly won’t regret it!

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Do’s and don’ts for erotic massage

If you’re looking forward to offering an erotic massage to your partner, you will have a lot to learn. It’s not like you’re a professional, if it’s the first time you try it. In order for you both to have an incredible experience, we offer you some free tips in the following article. Read below the top 10 do’s and don’ts of erotic massage.

1. Erotic massage DON’T: oil applied directly to your partner’s body.

It may seem very exciting as you see it in movies, but squirting massage oil directly to your partner’s body can be very unpleasant. Instead, pour it into your palms and rub them together, to warm it first.

2. Use massage oil, not body lotions.

The massage oil is much more indicated, as body lotions absorb faster and often leave the skin dry just in a few minutes. Plus, they can stain your sheets and bed. For a perfect erotic massage, use massage oil – it’s lighter, easily absorbed and doesn’t ruin towels, clothes or sheets.

3. Slow things down.

There is no need to rush things. Erotic massage is all about getting to a degree of full satisfaction gradually, and you can ruin the whole experience if you start with deep and firm strokes. Slow down your rhythm, and focus on your partner’s pleasure.

4. Don’t exhaust your hands.

Erotic massage can get tiring if you overdo your efforts. A big mistake is using your thumbs at first, as after only a few minutes of strokes your hands will feel incredibly tired. Keep your thumbs as a secret weapon and save them for later, as you slow things down – see the previous step.

5. The importance of feedback.

If you want to offer the best erotic massage experience, you will have to ask your partner for feedback. Maybe the massage is too deep, or too light. Maybe you will get nothing but moans and groans, you’ll need to be careful withthose and keep going or change things a bit. Again, it’s all about feedback, about how the massage that you offer brings pleasure to your partner.

6. Don’t expect anything in return.

As you give your partner an erotic massage, don’t start with the mindset that you will receive one too. It’s your surprise for him, and you should focus on that. If you do a good job, surely you’ll be rewarded.

7. Get rid of all distractions.

Certainly you wouldn’t want to be interrupted, so put away any laptops, phones or any other devices that might get in the way. Be also sure that you have all what you need in that room – as there is nothing more frustrating than stopping in the middle of the erotic massage to go to another room for a towel.

8. Don’t forget any body part.

Your hands must contour your partner’s whole body. The more body you touch and massage, the better the experience.

9. Arrange a proper ambiance.

In order to get the maximum out of an erotic massage, you have to take care of all the details. Wine, subtle music, light candles and aromatherapy are some ingredients you could use to create the perfect ambiance.

10. Find a comfortable place for the massage

This is strictly related to how you and your partner will be positioned. The bed might be a good idea, but in fact it isn’t. The mattress is irregular and could eventually numb you or your partner’s body parts. The floor and some cushions for knees, back and neck is a much better idea.

That’s about it. Keep these 10 things in mind the next time you decide to offer your partner an erotic massage.

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