As we all know, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, that stimulated properly can bring the heights of pleasure into the life of the person that is masaged. That is the reason why more iand more people find the erotic massage to be an excellent sensorial gift. Without a doubt, people are lately becoming more familiar with the term of erotic massage, being a highly valued form of relaxation, passion and discovery.

Maybe it will come pretty hard to believe, but a massage done to high standards brings many benefits to the body, managing to restore mental and physical energy of each person. Massage is the one that improves the blood circulation, contributing to the increasing of the levels of serotonin (a hormone of happiness responsible for hormonal functions in different mental or emotional processes). In addition, massage helps eliminate toxins from the body if is done correctly.

As I said, massage is the one that stimulates the body, contributing to our well-being, physical and mental condition. Everyone needs at a time of a few moments of relaxation, moments in which to forget everything and go with the flow with all exceptional heights of pleasure. So that the massage to be more efficient, it requires a suitable decor. Atmosphere which holds the erotic massage activity have different ingredients that contribute to the welfare and the creation of the most intense sensations.

Usually, the erotic massage takes place in a very intimate atmosphere, and the person who will receive the massage should be relaxed and be lying on a special mattress. This mattress helps relaxing the muscles and so massage is done efficiently. Light is also very important; in this case is prefered a dim, diffuse light. It is preferred to be heard a music in the background, to be used incense and natural fragrances, because these small ingredients are creating the perfect atmosphere for conducting an erotic massage.

To provide a good feeling, are also used different body lotions and massage oils in order to awaken all the senses of the massaged person. Olfactory stimulation plays a very important role in this case so it hs to be fully exploited. Usually, it is indicated the use of jojoba oil, vitamin E face creams that contain aloe vera or other oils that are based on paraffin oil for the body. For the hands and feet must be used perfumed creams.

The massage starts since the hands and finish to the toes. The soles and palms are some very sensitive points, reflexology associating them with different organs of the body. By massaging the legs can stimulate points on the genitals. The face, the ears and the scalp are areas with great sensitivity and massaging these areas, the massaged person gets a real delight. A right erotic massage means paying attention to each member of the body for at least 5 minutes each.