Despite the fact that many people tend to think that erotic massage is a recent feature, it is not the case. This form of massage is practiced since thousands of years ago, and although it is most common in the East, it is not strange to the European sphere, either. The main purpose of massage is to stimulate the erogenous zones and to cause sexual arousal, eventually. How is this sensual massage performed and so enjoyed lately by men and women alltogether?

Because of its very intimate style, this form of massage is usually performed by one partner to the other, or, in the case of erotic massage parlors, by a masseuse or more to a customer that has been programmed in advance. Although it is still considered a taboo subject in many countries, the benefits that massage techniques have are quite amazing. The purpose of the erotic massage itself is not necesarily the assurance of sexual reward, although that is expected and offered during the intimate sessions also.

The great advantage of a stimulating erotic massage is that there are not any specific expectations that must be met, which is the case of an actual sexual act. During a session of massage, the receivers main task is to learn how to relax and put aside everything else, to enjoy all the sensations to the fullest and take advantage of all that erotic massage can offer. This is not always easy, especially for men, because they may feel too vulnerable and uncomfortable. However, this condition can be overcome by using repetition and learning some deep breathing techniques. Once the masseur and the receiver are working in harmony, the person that benefits of the erotic massage will learn how to open their senses and enjoy the fine and attentive touches to the fullest.

Unlike sports massage and Swedish massage, the pinching and the touching during a sensual massage session are gentle and there are no areas that are excluded from the massage. In fact, the very areas that are ignored in a normal massage session are focused upon during a sensual massage. Although the these zones refer to the genitals, all the other erogenous parts are touched and comforted equally. The ears, the back of the knees and any other body parts that are touched and lead to sexual arousal are perfect.

The benefits of erotic massage have been recognized even by medicine all over the world, a proof being the fact that these techniques are often used in sex therapy. The main goals in this case are to increase libido, men learning how to control premature ejaculation, but also the improvement of the sexual life of a couple. An erotic massage performed at home can also lead also to introducing it gradually into the foreplay that preceeds the intimate act in the bedroom. Whatever the purpose is, one fact cannot be denied, and that is that sensual or erotic massage can certainly bring multiple benefits for a couple or even to the single person receiving it.