A challenging and constant sex life is good for our health and brings a lot of benefits in this part, but it also helps for purposes like relaxing and detensioning during the less pleasant moments of life. One of the most important tricks about sex that a man should be aware of, is to stop thinking only about himself and having the desire to offer moments full of sensuality and attention for his loved one. That includes sexy or erotic massage practiced in the privacy of their own bedroom. This can greatly help in maintaining the desired balance in a relationship. In this case both partners, the woman and also the man, will feel fulfilled and satisfied, will feel that they are taken care for and that their needs are recognized and met.

There is a series of tricks that men should include in the activity that regards the erotic massage offered to their beloved ones, their wifes or mistresses:

Spontaneity. An erotic massage can be a part of the foreplay, before intercourse itself, but it can also represent the ending of a successful love making. By doing this at the end of the love session the partner tends to be more careful and more involved in the moves he executes. A tantric massage should not be just a way for a man to get what he wants. The best type of massage needs to be focused on what his life partner desires. If this activity leads, ultimately, to sex, it is even better.

Atmosphere and location. The erotic massage must not be disturbed by any outside element, because in that case all the mood and atmosphere is killed. Close your phones, tv sets and any other electronic devices that may bother. Setting up some chill music playing in the background and lighting some scented candles can help to create an atmosphere more suitable, undoubtedly.

Full hygiene. A man should shower before performing an erotic massage to his lover, otherwise all the romance goes away. Nails should also be cut, to evoid eventual scratches.

Erotic massage is about the whole body. So the entire body of the partner should be stimulated during the erotic massage, not just the back or buttocks, for example. A succesfull erotic massage should relax the person and not only stimulate and prepare for sex. This means that all areas will be addressed with care and delicacy. The erogenous points will not be the only ones touched, but also the arms, the legs, the back, the neck and everything else.

Use aromatic oils effectively. If a man wants to play a little with massage oils on the skin of his beloved one, then he must be sure that she likes the flavor. Then, he will have to apply massage oil to his hands first and then massage it on against the body of his partner. To give a special feeling, the massage oil needs to be heated before use.

An erotic massage offered by the man to the woman can be just as sensual as in the other way around and you never know when the roles will be reversed. But in both cases, we must be careful about the way we use our hands, what accesories we have available and how stimulating the atmosphere is, in order to create the most pleasant sensorial experience.