You heard that saying, according to which nothing compares with a specialist. Well when it comes to an erotic massage there are also some huge differences between such a massage session in a parlor and the intention of having some fun at home, with your partner.

Today we reveal you some inside secrets about the ingredients of a perfect erotic massage.We offer full disclosure of the story so you fully understand the concept and know what you should expect to happen when you decide to take a massage in our salon.

  • An intimate room – the perfect place and also a corner of heaven


intimate room for perfect massage

To benefit of a perfect session of erotic massage, we must have in the first place the perfect space for that, right? So, in our salon we have arranged special rooms in this regard. You will have full intimacy, alongside some relaxing music, with some fragrances around that we special use for the purpose of inducing a relaxing mood.
Also expect for the masseuses to use some special aromatherapy oils. This is the next step.

  • Oils for a special massage

It is absolutely important for the moves and the touches of the masseuse to be accompanied by the softness of her hands. And in that regard, oils for massages are used – not randomly chosen ones but of course special types. By this we mean oils that have aromatic fragrances, those aimed to arouse, to stimulate and also to relax the body. There are a few options out of the many available, correlated with the type of massage you want.

  • The erotic massage techniques and moves

Let’s not forget about the main interest here. An erotic massage means to have a complex of moves which all together will arouse in the most flattering way. Of course, the masseuses have to be trained in the name of that, becoming some sort of experts as this is their main field activity. Believe it or not, there are so many ways to seduce, so the whole arsenal is at your disposal.
As for the moves, you must know that different parts of the body are the hot spots for the erotic massage. So don’t be surprised if the masseuse will focus on specific parts. Can you imagine yourself sensing pleasure when the masseuse touches your chest, plays with your chest hair?
Also a very perceptive area is the inner thighs. Some are so sensitive as if they even touch themselves in a gentle way they tickle. Apart from such examples, there are also some parts as the back side, the shoulders what are included in the massage.

  •     The role played or the mystery of the act

You cannot predict the next move of the masseuse, you cannot guess what’s coming. Sometimes the masseuse will wear a mask, or a special suit, a lingerie that will drive you crazy. These are some examples refering to the ways in which she will seduce you and complete the erotic massage session.

Partially, each and every lady has her personal charm that will contribute to an extraordinary massage session. We cannot deny the fact that the feminine part of the story is a key element.
Men are seduced by them from the very beginning, when they see the beautiful ladies, along with their irresistible presences, and indeed they cannot resist of being spoiled by her moves and touches.

As a conclusion, the perfect erotic massage is about a multitude of elements, ingredients that all together constitutes the perfect recipe. Find out more about this subject by visiting our saloon – or better, just give us a call and make an appointment, selecting the lady you want to be your masseuse and you’ll experience by yourself what a perfect sensual massage means.