Even though you may think you know your partner extremely well, there are still some spicy elements you can add to your relationship. A good example is related to the erotic massage art. Not any couple will experience this, but if you are tempted you can think about it as a perfect sexual way to get in touch with the man you love.

As many other jobs, erotic massages involve some key elements which only experts will know about, like:

  • You have to act as sensual as you can: erotic massages are focused on sensuality in order to obtain pleasure and to completely satisfy your beloved one
  • Intimate ambiance is very important: you can combine soft music with perfumed candles or with some other creative design ideas
  • The oil you will use may have aphrodisiac effects and represents an important trigger for the relaxation process
  • Use sensual moves while massaging (there are many videos on the internet you can use for inspiring yourself in this area)
  • Use your hands in a sensual way: sensual hand manipulation can cause intensive pleasure
  • Don’t stop discussing with your partner: usually, men are attracted to women who “talk dirty”, especially when it comes to an erotic massage
  • Encourage your partner, he will be more satisfied once he sees you’re excited regarding this experience
  • Avoid losing contact with his body (while massaging him, it is recommended to keep body contact)

There comes a time when each couple needs to experience something new. If you both are interested in erotic massages, there is some technical information about this procedure you need to be aware of, like:

  • Specialists in erotic massage art always use the full hand in each technique they practice
  • Specialists also keep the fingers closed together, that is recommended mostly because in this way reaching all the spots on the partner’s body is easier (also the hands will work harder than in a traditional massage)
  • It is also important to be careful with the idea of symmetry in erotic massages (specialists recommend to massage first one leg, then to start massaging the other leg and so on)
  • Learn to cause pleasure by using sensual body strokes
  • Focus around those body areas with the most touch receptors
  • Be careful not to forget to massage any part of the partner’s body
  • Get to massage the intimate area in the end (in this way, the desire will be amplified and the one who benefits of this erotic massage will have the opportunity to feel this closure more intense than in the situation where you start to massage the genital zone first)


Erotic massages are interesting techniques one can use in satisfying the partner in different ways than usually. There are couples who fear to lose their sexual bond. In this case, experiencing the art of erotic massage can be useful, but it could also remain one of that habits which can be repeated once in a while. There are some other couples who like the idea of new, and send their partner to an erotic massage salon.

Therefore, erotic massages have a great importance in a couple’s life, but, also, these are useful for one’s health:

  • It represents a great stress reliever
  • They have a great role in detoxifying the body
  • They help fighting against anxiety
  • They help building the inner strength
  • Erotic massages help improving social capacities
  • When it comes to problems as premature ejaculation, erotic massages are a good way to successfully treat it
  • They have a good action on some body organs (for example: the heart)