A few years back an erotic massage parlor was a quite unknown concept. But nowadays it is more likely that everyone knows about it, even though few are the ones that go frequently there. However, there are some rules, more likely referred to the common sense. Please read these do’s and don’ts before you go to an erotic massage parlor.

Say what you want

Our idea about satisfying the client means to give a proper massage, but we can’t guess what this should be like. So, from the very beginning, when you make an appointment you have to mention the type of erotic massage you want. But even there, when you get into the salon and meet the masseuses, you should say more about what your expectations are and communicate about how you would like the session to unfold.

Even when it is about removing the blanket, wanting a different type of music, more or less light in the room, please communicate – Do that!

Be there in time

Our services imply making appointments and due to the fact that we want to extend the hours of pleasure, we can offer you the erotic massages not in the parlor, but in the hotel room you choose. But in this regard, we need you to be there when it is the right time. One minute you are late, the other minute the masseuse has to rush to another appointment she has. So don’t be late, it is about being polite, right?

The same principle is applied in those cases you can’t make it to the appointment and you cancel it. We understand, but you have to say it a while earlier and not when or after you meet the masseuse.

Be relaxed

In fact, the whole point of coming to our parlor is to find the relaxation mood, right? The masseuse will help you with that. So, try not to be the active type of customer who wants to help. Asking about “do you want me to…” stay up, down, face up, face down and so on are cases of those who have so many emotions they can’t handle. Of course, the masseuse is there precisely in this regard. Let her do the things that need to be done.

Enjoy the time

The cell is off, the rush is off, the all-around is on pause. Think like that. We want you to enjoy the massage session at it’s pick, the whole erotic massage the masseuse has to offer. And the minute you realize you are there for that, things should just flow. Feel free to choose another masseuse, to choose 2 or even 3 masseuses, feel free express your thoughts by telling us what is what you want to experience – we have ideas and solutions for all the types of massages known. That is what it is all about.

Are you allergic to something? Let us know what it is! Do you have a sensitive skin? Mention that to us; we also have special oils for the special massages we offer, so the masseuse will use them instead of the ones they should have normally. You can say specifically what your problems are before the session even starts. And the rest of the story is just about pleasure.