Even though erotic massages are seen as an art of relaxation, there are many men who have misconceptions about this experience. But what can be so negative about these services in order to totally avoid them?

For those who didn’t know by now, erotic massages involve a large variety of techniques, such as: normal massages procedures, tantric rituals and using sexuality as a key to relax the body. Not any woman can practice an erotic massage, this being more an art than a job.

erotic massage

What makes men avoid experiencing erotic massages?

Even though benefitting of an erotic massage is one of their fantasies, there are men who seem to avoid contacting those salons who practice it:

Those men who are married believe this is a way of cheating.

This idea couldn’t be more wrong. Erotic massages assume relaxing the body, through a mix of mental and sexual processes, but don’t involve having sex with the therapists. If one chooses this service, it doesn’t mean that the life partner is being cheated. There are many women who personally surprise their boyfriends or husbands with an erotic massage practiced by a professional who knows all the erogenous zones that need to be stimulated in order to create pleasure and relaxation.

Men think therapists will make fun of them

There are many men who consider benefitting of an erotic massage will make the therapist believe he is unable to perform sexually and that is why he needs to come to this kind of salon. The women who practice erotic massages are perfectly aware that everyone needs to relax in order to get away from the daily stressful situations. Also, not every person relaxes in the same way, some need to be physically stimulated, others sexually, and that is the main reason for the many categories of massages that are being practiced today.

Don’t want to fall in love with the therapist

It is well known that women who work in this area are young, beautiful and smart. Also, practicing an erotic massage means first of all some kind of connection with the client. There are many cases of men who fall in love with that woman who gave them the opportunity to experience an erotic massage.

Afraid of STD’s

When it comes to any sexually correlated activity, people have in mind the fear of taking an STD. But, if you think twice about it, an erotic massage salon will have to be aware of all sanitary rules. Also, it is a general criteria which involves optimal hygiene in any room of the location mentioned. There are many STD’s which can be transmitted only by sexual activity so clients of erotic massage salons can be sure they are not in danger from this point of view. Also, all the women who work here must be 100% healthy.

Fear of being recognized

As it is well known that many people believe erotic massages represent a taboo subject, and so many people who benefit of these services are afraid not to be recognized by acquaintances. They need to avoid being judged by not so open minded people. The solution to this problem can consist in benefitting of erotic massage at a certain place (like hotels, motels or another location) chosen by the client or by the therapist.

Confidential or not

When it comes to erotic massage parlors, clients must know from the beginning that confidentiality clauses are a must. In this way, no men will avoid experiencing these procedures of relaxation.