Erotic or sensual massage implies the usage of massaging techniques for therapeutic or erotic purposes. Among the numerous other health benefits, an erotic massage is also a great way to build intimacy and closeness with your partner.

If you are wondering how could you give the best erotic massage to your partner, this article will bring you enlightenment. The expert masseuses at Artemis Masaj put together a few tips for a perfect erotic massage. Following these simple steps will grant you the best experience, that you and your partner will enjoy.

Creating the perfect ambiance is the best way to start. There is nothing more pleasant, relaxing and sensual than a well prepared room in which the erotic massage will be given. The ambiance is one of the most important elements that makes a real difference, so be sure that you arrange and prepare the room properly, just like we do at Artemis Masaj Club.


  • turn off or put away any sources of distraction: phones, alarms, laptops, computer, tablets, TVs and anything else that might defocus you from the erotic massage
  • trim your fingernails and be sure that there aren’t any sharp edges, because only one scratch on the partner’s skin can be a huge turn-off
  • play with the lighting and create a sensual ambiance by reducing the intensity of light to a semi obscure or dark level
  • if you need a shred of light, you can try placing some candles in the room – that will create an even more sensual ambiance
  • make sure there is a subtle relaxing tune that completes the entire ambiance, surely you will find some good music that promotes relaxation and that enhances the mood
  • be sure that you warm up your hands before starting the massage; cold hands are a big turn-off and the whole massage experience can be ruined in that manner

Tricks for a successfull erotic massage

You have to keep in mind the fact that the moves and strokes of an erotic massage are much more gentle and lighter than the ones used in a regular one. In order to trigger the right senses and feelings, you have to be much slower, and maybe apply more pressure at start and soften up once you continue.

Timing is also essential for a successful erotic massage. Setting up the ambiance is only one of the details implied, and we say that because simply starting with the erogenous zones is a mistake in most of the cases. In fact, you don’t have to get there earlier than the second half of the massage session.

When you are offering an erotic massage to your partner, you should also be aware of his/her body language. There are some subtle signs that will show you if you’re doing it right, or if the strokes and rubbing is more disturbing than relaxing and sensual.

If you take into consideration all of the above, surely you’ll be able to offer the best erotic massage. We, at Artemis Masaj parlour, put the receiver’s pleasure above anything, and so should you, when the one you are massaging is a very special person in your life.