We passed over that period when the nudity used to be a tabu subject. It’s far away that traditional way of thinking regarding the intimacy. More than this nudity is a form of art. And in the name of that we have reached the point of transforming all in a metod of relaxation. The erotic massage. Because you don’t have to be limited in finding new ways to explore pleasures, to seek new ways of enjoying one of each other in intimacy. And because we learn all the time something new so why the erotic part can’t be something alike? But in the erotic massage case there is a balance as not to be the femine exploration; it’s something between the sexuality and what a woman can offer.

Everything starts slowly and with delicate moves, needed to make you feel comfortable and be in that relaxation mood. Actually is the tranzition from the daily routine and the fantasy world. Your nakes body meet, you and the masseuse become one. But this is not all. As for the tension to be vanished, as for sensations to increase everything is completed by seduction, the erotic part.

The erotic moves the massuese will offer to you are about a complex coreography, moves with the clear aim to spoil you, to delight you. Not only the act itslef counts but the flame between two people. Not only a single and simple move will arouse you; you will learn to breathe along with the massuese rhythm, to sense her and each of her body parts. You will get to that point of wanting not to close your eyes thinking it is a dream but considering that you are so lucky to have such a beauty at your knees, working for you, giving you so much pleasure.

For those that are at their first experience with the erotic massage the topless maasage si the first recommended. You decide in what measure it is comfortbale to be naked and ask for the same from the massuese or taking it little by little, step by step to get to the point of enjoying this experience as a romantic date.

We know men are slefish. They want everything for themselves and nothing else. But when it comes about an erotic massage things change and get to the point of wanting to have more feminine presences during the massage session. You try your limits and test yourslef. 2 or more masseuses are ready for you.

And no matter what type of erotic massage you choose for all there is the same attention for details. Becasuse your pleasure and climax is the result of many elements that work together the decor is also part of this story. A place where everything about your worries is far away, where relaxation is the word of the day. To feel that you belong here, that part of you meets the dream you had once but now a reality.