Sex therapy can be also called massage and if erotic massage is involved, it may definitely be a part of a sexual therapy. And when someone gets a massage at a massage parlor, ther is the posibility to live an actual sexual foreplay with a masseuse. At home, in the privacy of their own homes,  the one that offers the erotic massage may even be the partner. However, even if one goes to a massage parlor, this form of therapy can improve the sex life of the one who receives such a treatment.

If home is where you will receive the promised erotic massage session, then the person should decide where to install everything in order to offer some excellent moments of your life. The person that offers the massage must also be sure that you are totally relaxed and nobody will be interrupting what you are doing. It should be a place where the receiver of the massage can lie on a bed or on a comfortable massage table, as in the case of erotic massage parlors. The one that offers the massage  should be able to move freely around the therapy table without being disturbed by anything.

The only thing important here is that the one who receives the massage must feel in perfect harmony with itself, but also with the masseur or masseuse. It should be about a common act in which both sides agree to everything that is happening there. The next task is to arrange the place where the massage will be offered. In order that the massaged one does not slip from the table, there must be towels installed on the massage table or the bed, and some pillows for neck support. For a deeper and more special sensation, the massage oils used must be heatened before applying to the skin.

 To create a great atmosphere, there should be background music that both parties should enjoy the same time. Whatever your role is in such an erotic and sensual massage session, you want to feel good and relaxed. That could be obtained by a preface or sexual foreplay or simply through a way to relax after a hard week of work. When you feel good and the masseur or masseuse has everything set to provide a common satisfaction, then you should be able to offer the best to your partner and also believe that everything will be excellent.

If the person that is going to offer the massage tends to be thinking elsewhere or does not focus on what you want, then you should reminds him or her the reason why you are there, that if refers to the experience of a massage parlor. If massage oil is used, you should remember that person to warm them up before applying them on the body and on. If it is to feel pleasure from a massage parlor where you are scheduled, all these things should come by itself. In the intimacy of your home, you are free to offer whatever indications you desire.

As a masseur or masseuse you must maintain eye contact and see if the receiver feels good. This means that it will be an intense experience for both you and for your life partner or the one that is massaged by you.