The tantric massage is a special type one, the one that offers total relaxation from all points of view. But the main interest is about the stimulation, sexually speaking, coming to offer a fresh start for the intimacy act that comes after.

The steps to be followed for a tantric massage refer to:

Relaxation and heating. People has the tendency to have a somehow tension in muscles. So the special oil for the massage is the one needed for the first step of this massage. The main interest is the chest and back part so the masseuse has to insist more on these parts. More than this, these areas are also intense when it comes about the pleasure stimulation.

Touching. In the central part of the back and not only, touching with hands and with tip of the fingers is what creates the universe of sensuality. This will stimulate the sexual energy and will offer a great innuendo for the genital part.

Lips play an important role when it comes about the tantric massage.  Focus more on the back part,  kissing step by step his skin. During such a time even the breathing is important as you get to feel more and more the massage and its benefits. Each breathing is for the one that gets a massage is a reason to be more and more influenced and be in a dreaming posture.

Get naked. Even if the massage is in the nude variant this moment of getting naked will not happen from the very beginning. As like wanting to add a little bit of mystery, the nudity comes little by little. More than this, for the sensuality game play to be more way sensed use a towel and do not uncover yourself completely and all in one way, at once.

Do not focus only on the genital area. It is what the majority will think to be of a benefit hence it is not the only place where to find pleasure. Explore at maximum each and every little piece of him.

The story continues with sensual moves. The manhood dream becomes reality, the erotic massage and mostly the sensual one, tantric, is the one that brings a higher level of complexity. It counts even the decor, needing to be a special one, on the same wavelength with what will happen next. This can mean lights, candles, perfumes and good music. Small details get to  be the big difference so from this point of view these things will enhance the experience of the erotic massage.


When you get to find the right place where to get a tantric massage where to enjoy such moments you will get to realize that nothing compares  with such an experience.  At the same time it is nothing wrong to want more and more of this type of massage.