To become a masseuse, it’s pretty clear that, first of all, you need to gain experience about how to apply it. The difference is that when it comes about the erotic massage, the masseuse must be at the same time a pleasant person, a good looking one and also to inspire confidence, to attract – all together. It seems like there are lots of qualities she must have. If is that so, you will find in the following lines.

Today we present you some of the qualities we consider to have a crucial role in a masseuse profession. See if you can recognize yourself in any of these undermentioned:


A patient girl

There is no point to rush into finishing the massage session too fast. So, the person appling it must be a patient one and also to inspire to the one benefiting from it. She should be that type of girl you want to hold on, in whose presence you want to stay more and more. Let’s not forget that we can offer extra time with the masseuse in order to make the money spent here totally worth it.


A seductive lady

The first impact a man has when he’s meeting the masseuse is the physical attraction. You know what they say, you must make a good first impression. So, our masseuses are not only good looking, with an impressive silhouette, but also women that seduces from the very beginning.

Little less matters whether you are a blond person or a brunette. In fact, it doesn’t matter what the color of your eyes is either – it is more important to know your value, to know how to put yourself into the right light, to attract everyone around you.

A skillful person

You must have dexterity in order to realize the massage moves correctly and specific ones for each type of massage you will perform. It is important for you to avoid having tremor of the hands. Imagine yourself in front of a person who has so much emotion that can’t control her hands and can’t offer you the massage you are waiting for. It is, from our point of view, one of the most important qualities – to know how to control yourself.

As for the skills you need to perform the types of massages, we have a list of options, the technical part to say so, that we offer training for. We have special massages, unique ones so you will benefit from special sessions to learn about how to perform them.


Last, but not least

To conclude, we must say that a perfect masseuse is the one that makes things with passion, the one that is determined to do this job, that loves it and can see through every one of her actions. We can understand a slight lack of experience and for that we are willing to offer training, but we seek for ladies that want to become experts in this field, wanting to experience these types of massages themselves.

It’s not less important the place where the massage session will be performed – there are 2 possibilities: in our salon or in a hotel room. So the masseuse must be one willing to accept this, in case there are requests for a hotel room massage.

Our desire is to meet a lady with no misconceptions about this field, but more of that, a person that wants to take full advantages of the beauty and skills she has. Of course, our erotic massages also imply nude scenes, so you must be the kind of candidate that can go nude or topless without any shyness.

Our official page includes all the data you might be interested in, everything you need to know about a collaboration. Also, you will find here the list of the most popular and requested types of erotic massages we can offer. Now that you know all of this, ask yourself if you can see yourself being a masseuse. Then call us!