We talked about the benefits of getting a massage. It is clearly that such a treatment can be considered as a therapy for the whole body, but also for the soul. You get to experience what is like to release the stress level, to relax and see life with another attitude. This is all about a classic massage. When it comes about the erotic part of this story, get ready to experience how it is to be spoiled by a gorgeous woman.
Today we present you a few ideas in comparison, between the classic massage and the erotic part, to show you what the main advantages of this story are. In the “battle” between these two, which of the sides will you prefer next time?

The moves
When it comes to the classic type of massage, be ready to sense the intense moves but not in a pleasant way. A classic massage will involve to put pressure on the muscles, to release the tension but this may feel a little bit too hard for you. The reason is a therapeutically way to work on your different parts of the body and eliminate the tension.
When it comes to the erotic massage, be ready to sense the moves in a gentle and a totally pleasant way. The masseuse may try to relax you by tickling you – sometimes, or by adding some sensual ingredient in the story; she seduces you with the moves, she doesn’t add force to the moves. Also, the moves are all over the body, not just for one area.

The nudity
We must say in both cases there are some nudity scenes involved. For the classic massage you only have to reveal the back part, usually the part when the message is performed. When it comes about the erotic massage the nudity is implied nevertheless.
The common part? You can keep the pants on. The difference? Well, the erotic part means to let your senses go crazy, to arouse, to be spoiled in this way. So the person who will perform the massage will also be quite naked. That is not going to happen during a classic massage session.

The experience

Even though it is up to each and every one of you to determine what type of massage is better to be chosen, we cannot ignore the fact that each and every type has its own benefic aspects. For example women tend to be a little bit more skeptical when it comes to the erotic massage so for them the more common choice will be about the classic one. At the opposite, men have a different way of thinking.

The classic massage is necessary when you need refreshment and relaxation for your back part for example. But when you want to have a complex experience then you should definitely choose the erotic massage. It involves an activity correlated with the intimacy part, so in a mixt way with the benefits of the massage itself you get to have a treatment like no other.
Also in both cases you will meet a person you have never seen before, so the experience to deal with a new person is in an equal way checked. It is important to mention this because this should not be a reason for you to deny yourself the pleasure of the massage, no matter the type of it.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female. We can offer you the erotic massage the way you want, in the circumstances you want. So we will wait for you in the saloon but so we can send the masseuse into the hotel room also. Want to try?