Unlike modern daily massage techniques,  the erotic and sensual art of massage has deep roots in Kamasutra and Tantra. However, erotic massage is not even mentioned in the Kamasutra book, but different types and tricks can definitely be applied for the most intimate massage today, in the erotic massage parlors worldwide. Now, because there is so much information about this type of relaxation, sensual massage is performed also at home. It is all about understanding the chemistry of the body and about giving enough attention to subtle details.

There is a general view that sais that Kama Sutra is always connected to sexuality. Perhaps what is meant mostly about the ancient practice is about how to live our life as a libertine approach and how we interact with people in a more physical and logical manner. That does not mean only sex, as masseuses at massage parlors say, it also involves pleasure and relaxation in the first of all. That is the true meaning and purpose of sensual or erotic massage, to offer the necesary relief from day to day stress.

Instead of being just a book full of sexual practices, art and sex positions that look like gymnastics, Kama Sutra proves that the technique is not a substitute for deep passion and love. Sex, love and intimacy require a more ritualic approach. So if we see the art of erotic and sensual massage from the point of view of Kama Sutra and Tantra, we will find that it is not just about releasing physical tension accumulated due to stressful situations, it is not just about sensual pleasure, but more than that you can heal your body, mind and soul, all together.

A massage given at a massage parlor is all about the rejuvenation of the entire personality, from the inside to the outside. It is about celebrating life together, as we are, by discovering the things that lie within us. In ancient India, the body was thought to be a temple and sensual pleasures were considered to be holy and sacred rather than being seen as dirty or sinful practices. In its true sense, erotic massage creates a connection between two partners or between the inside and outside of us. Thus, you become more aware of your body and its desires and the role of erotic massage in this situation is undeniable.

If it is offered in a massage parlor, this practice can heal, you can recover from some fears, anxiety and stress, as sensual massage is a holistic therapy that acts on a person as a whole. Even more, any form of erotic massage offered by one either at a parlor, either at home, is a great way to treat minor disorders, stress and negative emotional states that may affect a person for some reason.

In any massage techniques, whether it is something therapeutic, sensual or even erotic, the art of touches plays a very important role. Sometimes, it varies from person to person, depending on the taps, tactics, practices and by whom to whom is this erotic relaxation maneuver offered.