Let us talk a bit about imagination, more specifically about erotic imagination. This part of our thoughts hides de the most perverse and mind boggling ideas a man can have. When it comes to erotic massage, this is just a pure exemplification of that part of the imagination becoming true. A set of candles, a fading light, some mesmerizing scents, good music and a masseuse with her craving body are the right elements that will wake up the craziest of your thoughts and they will take you on a road of passion and lust.

So… erotic imagination, every person possesses some kind of twisted imagination and dirty thoughts in different situations. For instance, let us say you are waiting to board on your flight and you start thinking of what you would do to that short skirted stewardess, the turbulences she would go trough. Or let us say you are at the dentist and your mind is thinking of a totally different kind of oral exam. There are many situations and many more dirty thoughts that pass trough our heads.

The problem is that most of the people do not do anything about their thoughts and the lust that engulfs them. This happens in the case of erotic massage parlors. People tend to find themselves thinking and imaging how it would be inside one of these locations, but there is where everything stops, in the sense that they do not do anything about it. There are different ideas and things that go ahead and kill the courage to go to a massage parlor. Whether it is about shame, fear or pure lack of courage, these people tend to think that this might influence their life in a bad way. They could not be more wrong. You should experience everything in life, the more the better, because if you do not do the things you want and crave for, regrets will surely follow up. So leave regrets for another part of your life and go ahead and walk in one of these erotic massage parlors.

Once you have stepped inside you will feel that all of those thoughts, the nervous ones will immediately disappear and the dirty ones will come back into mind. Even if you are shy person you will get to feel very confortable, very fast, as the hot masseuses will cloud your thoughts with their sensual movements. Your thoughts will not be the only ones that will get to feel a tingly sensation. Your whole body will feel like it is going to burn, but in a good way of course, every pore of your body will start to boil until eventually the lid goes off, literally.  


So what is the difference between your thoughts and the thoughts that go through your head when you are near a sexy masseuse? Well, that is a pretty simple one; you have actually done something about your dirty imagination. Not only did you let if fly, but you also made it happen, and that is going to be enough to make you come back, time and time again.