There is no denying that erotic massage allows better sensual communication between you and your partner. If the regular, therapeutic massage is meant to help you relax and let go of all body aches and pains, sensual massage takes that to the next level as it allows you and your partner to be pampered by the art of touch.

The following tips have only one purpose: to offer you and your partner the perfect scene, the ideal setting in order to obtain complete fulfillment.

Step 1: Get rid of all distractions

If you’re planning to offer an erotic massage to your partner, make sure that you pick a day and a time when you won’t be disturbed. Second of all, the room where the massage will be offered must be emptied of any source of distractions. That includes cell phones, computers, laptops, TV’s – even the outside noise must be reduced to a minimum. In case you have children, send them to your parents or to your babysitter so you won’t be interrupted.

Step 2: Set up the massage area

This second step implies preparing the massage area. Either it’s a bed, a massage table or the floor, you must be sure that the “scene” of the massage will be comfortable. Spread a sheet on the massage surface and keep by some clean towels and pillows, for neck and knee support.

In addition to that, use towels and sheets that you won’t mind having stained, as you will use massage oil. Increase the number of towels, so you don’t have to leave the room if you run short of them.

Step 3: Set up the mood

Surely you will want a romantic and sensual atmosphere. How do you obtain that? The first thing to do is to dim the lights, or cancel them completely. If you’re wondering “Won’t there be any lights in the room?”, rest assured. The perfect answer is offered by candles. You could even use scented ones in order to create the sensual atmosphere you will both enjoy.

Don’t forget the music. Choose some romantic music that will set both you and your partner in the right mood.

Step 4: Extra tips

As you’ll start the erotic massage, you must check some other things off the list. That includes keeping yourself and your partner clean, by taking a shower before this sensual encounter.

Second of all, make sure you cut your nails, as the discomfort of scratches mustn’t be present during the erotic massage.

Third, if you use massage oil, make sure that you don’t pour it directly to your partner’s body. The cold sensation could be rather disturbing than sensual, so warm it up by rubbing your hands, before applying it on your partner’s body.

Last but not least, make sure you keep close everything you need. Maybe some aphrodisiac liquors bring you more pleasure, or some water, or anything else. Just like the clean towels mentioned above, you won’t enjoy going to another room to get them.

There is nothing left to say, as from now on only your imagination and desires come into play. If all this might seem too much, we suggest you surprise your partner and book for an erotic massage for couples, only at Artemis Massage. Either way, it’s your choice, but you certainly won’t regret it!