As we age the body goes through various transformations, revealing the effects of stress and unhealthy habits to everyone. We lose flexibility, both in terms mentally and physically and respond more slowly to stimuls and pleasures of all kinds. The body does not react as it did when it was younger.

Sensual massage can be the perfect therapy in this case, both for men and women. It can help a lot, improving the quality of sensual and intimate experiences  and also helping even in the sexual life of a couple. Men and women of the 21st century can enjoy techniques and practices used since centuries ago, Kama Sutra and Tantra techniques. These techniques can open many doors in the life of a couple, doors that previously seemed to be permanently closed.

Through sensual massage men and women who have passed the age of youth get ten times more benefits compared with the stage when they were young and craved for new experiences and sexual activity. Erotic massage is a meaningful experience, allowing lusts and pleasures to develop a new sense of intimacy and emotional and spiritual ascension.

Erotic massage or sensual massage is very relaxing and refreshing. It does not necessarily culminate in an orgasm, rather it is approached as an experience of intimacy that goes beyond sexual climax. Sensual massage allocates all the time just for pleasure, for various massage techniques that stimulate all the senses.

Through sensual massage past ideas are left aside as you let yourself loved and spoiled. Sexual energy is recharged, but you also experience an unique pleasure and a sense of increased intimacy with your partner.

Foreplay accompanied by massage can improve a relationship to an extent far greater than the simple act of orgasm. As we age we increasingly understand the need for a deeper level of intimacy and pleasure.

Erotic massage is a more gentle approach to privacy, providing numerous benefits, both physically and mentally. It is not very demanding and exhausting and offers both partners the pleasure of giving and receiving the massage. From the physical point of view, erotic massage helps improving the flexibility by increasing the blood flow. Healing properties of sensual massage are felt not only at a mental level, but also physically. Besides the fact that your relationship with your partner is taken to a whole new level by sensual massage, you feel more refreshed and your batteries are recharged.

Both the person offering and the person receiving sensual massage, especially if it is a couple, will feel pleasure and will enjoy an unique experience. Erotic massage helps to relieve the daily stress and tension, it actually makes them disappear. Sensual massage helps you become a better lover, you learn how to connect with your partner at another level and you enjoy improving the relationship as pleasure is taken to a whole new level.