When it comes to erotic massages, this type of services is considered to be an art practiced by those therapists who are able to offer not only relaxation, but also tantric satisfactions. This is why not any woman can practice it or work in this area. The basic requirements involved in order to be able to completely satisfy the client with an erotic massage are related to all classic procedures and techniques of relaxation combined with kamasutra guidelines.

Also, many people believe erotic massage still remains a taboo subject, and others tend to misjudge the girls who work in this area. In order to completely understand what does this notorious practice involve, we have prepared this article which comprises confessions of our erotic massage therapists:

erotic massage

Ana, 28 years: “How did I get the opportunity to work as a professional erotic massage therapist?

Many people wonder why did I choose working in this area, when I had so many other opportunities of jobs. Well, the answer is simple: I wasn’t completely satisfied by the money I used to gain at my previous job. Here, I have the opportunity to receive substantial sums of money which allow me to pay for my education, my elegant clothes or my hobbies. The working program at my previous job was between 8AM till 5PM so I had my whole day occupied, leaving no free time for my personal life. I remember that I used to wake up extremely early in the morning, and I was getting home always tired and with no desire to spend time with my friends, my parents or my boyfriend. Now, there are big positive differences in my lifestyle, like: more free time, much more money and the list can go on.


Delia, 24 years: “You may ask: what are the main differences between being a classic massage therapist and practicing erotic massages?”

It is important for people to know that all massages have the main purpose of relaxing the client, and also both types of these services mentioned before involve practicing almost the same professional techniques. One of the differences between traditional massages and erotic ones is related to the ambience assured for the client. More precisely, erotic massage therapists will be dressed much more attractive, with sensual underwear, and also the oils used must have some aphrodisiac effects. Details like music and intriguing fragrances are also important aspects to consider. All of these details have to stimulate the sexual desires which the client has, and properly used in combination with some tantric procedures, the final result will be amazing.

One has to realize that erotic massages assume offering relaxation based on sexuality. Once you are aware of this idea, you are definitely going to perform well at this job.


Kitty, 32 years: “Do I ever think about quitting this job?”

You all have to know that I work for many years in this area. When I first started, I used to be very shy, but now, after all this years, I realized how much I enjoy coming to work. When you are really good at something, when you perform with passion and also see how important you are to your clients, you never consider quitting as an option. So, no, I don’t think about quitting.


Renata, 21 years: “Someone asked me how do I manage living a double life.”

My reaction was something like: “Well, I definitely don’t understand why an erotic massage therapist has to live a double life.”

I simply don’t understand all those women who hide where are they working. I admit that at first, when I got hired, my family didn’t completely agree, but in time all of them understood this is a job like all the others, only the tips and salaries are higher.


Ariana, 26 years: “What types of men usually come to erotic massage salons?

All types of men: from married to single, from super rich to super poor, from extremely handsome to not that good-looking. All of these men have in common one thing: the need and desire to get away from the stressful situations in their real lives, benefiting from an erotic massage. They are looking for a sensual ambiance, along a beautiful woman who completely understands their fantasies.


Well, after this opportunity of getting real confessions of our erotic massage therapist, anyone can notice that sometimes misconceptions lead us in a negative way.