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A special double erotic massage for men

To please all the clients in a massage parlor, you have to bring all the best tehniques and masseuses to satisfy the wishes, desires and requirements needed. An abundance of eroticism, hospitality, understanding and sensory load are the best things that attract the clients of an erotic massage parlor. It is a perfect mix of imagination, creativity and eroticism. A new benchmark in erotic massage, the “four hands” is another milestone in erotic stimulation, the perfect visual, tantra massage and the perfect gift for a man. A succession of extraordinar charming erotic moves, two girls with a perfect body, with an open heart, carefully prepared to initiate and control unique techniques for your pleasure is the best dream that can become real.


Surprise for men


This special double erotic massage named Obsession if you like was created for the pleasure of the men, and now continues to be outrageously provocative. Four hands of an erotic body invites you to a feast of eroticism, extravagance and the discreet lights will cheer beautifully the bodies. An indescribable erotic duo, an impeccable choreography in the music, some lascivious movements capable of causing waves of pleasure and satisfaction … you can say you are becoming an addictive! All the masseuses should be specialized in the art of erotic massage and tantra techniques as well as more special, danish californian massage or simply erotic massage.


The great emphasis on the philosophy of an erotic massage parlor is an ideal smile and a pleased, relaxed mood caused by othe special and most sophisticated services of such a place. For special clients, that special Obsession package for a great pleasure is accessible if you want to. A special double erotic massage is the most exclusivist tehnique of an erotic massage. You can get VIP services both at the salon location and at home, if your girlfriend is willing to do that to you.


Definition of an excelent erotic massage parlor


These parlors are also very cautious and discreet because the clients, businessmen and important people, who want privacy in such a thing, to obtain it. With the help of the double erotic massage services you may leave your worries at the door, because the concept of all these parlors is based on intimacy, privacy, refined service and quality erotic massage. You will enjoy from maximum confidentiality if you want if you get these kind of erotic services.


For the satisfaction of new or loyal clients, are choosed in the team the most sensual models. A parlor may have limited usual style erotic massage, but, a respected luxury saloon will delight you with an oriental massage with Slavic influences, a tantric massage or a double erotic massage especially for you and your desirs. I am sure that the beauty and the charm of the well-trained models will delight your feelings so that first caution when you want a masseuse to bring you a special service will be to make a reservation in a parlor that you want.

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Erotic massage for couple – would you try it?


Erotic massage is part of those items that actually can invigorate you. Imagine a shopping session for her and a football match for him. There is an association with pleasure what is unquestionably part of the equation. Just as it sounds, erotic massage is meant to seduce you and make you feel good.

Just as combining business with pleasure erotic massage for couples equally means a beneficial aspect  of wellness, of physical and mental health. Maybe you do not realize this but a simple correlation makes you realize the true impact; just like when we get a dessert or something as a reward for that hard work so it is the delight about an erotic massage, both for him and for her.

Here are just a few of the beneficial aspects of an erotic massage, beneficial parts for both parts:

It activates you from head to toe. It awakens your senses and makes you realize that every part of you has a hidden desire to devour your partner.

It helps you explore new lands of pleasure. Besides making you more curious actually gives an incentive to try something different, new and seductive. Of course, this means a higher stage, and an advanced stage following a massage that you can consider foreplay. However such a benefit is real and worthy to be taken into account.

Lay the foundation of deep relationships as when you get to know your partner at an advanced intimacy as if you undress him of all secrets, among others. So the relationship becomes one closer, better consolidated.

Discover the power of movements. Sometimes it is as a glance or touch to make you want more, to awaken your sexual senses. Some have forgotten or simply do not realize how to be found. So there is an erotic massage through an exploration of seduction techniques and more. From simple breathing and touch, eye contact, secrets that bring you close to each other, literally and figuratively  in the deepest way said.

As usual limitations that we impose ourselves erotic massage is what you demonstrate that you do not need to fear, embarrassment turning to this method. During a massage you will feel like being free, safe, pampered and currently active. Especially when your partner is with you and feel like now and only now it is the time to enjoy a truly unique experience in privacy. Your limits disappear or change, which frees you from constraints and false ideas according to which erotic massage is just a way to entertain erotic and mostly only on men.

In the modern era erotic massage it is already seen as a modern technique to approximate to your partners , one way through which the two become more aware of what they have to offer.



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About the massage and wellbeing

It is known that massage, even the erotic type one, brings numerous benefits when it comes about someone’s wellbeing. Maybe at first you will see everything with embarrassment, but only after doing the first steps you realize that you need it eventually.

From the list of benefits that you can have through an erotic massage it is included for example an improved circulation. That helps also when it comes about the pleasure stages due to the fact that without proper irrigation men can know the state of shame and dysfunction. So it is proven that massage can improve circulation in the body by up to 15%.

From the same list it is included the relaxation in terms of muscle relaxation and the relaxation of the nervous system. It is believed that at one time there is a roadblock because of stress. Of course, this is not the only part that we know negative effects from because of a hectic life which nowadays it is now practical a common thing.

The same massage can improve the way the body activates, from internal organs to the skin condition and appearance, texture too. Not to be neglected in this equation nor what effect you psychologically meet. This is not to be  ignored,  the pure physical pleasure that leads to a long line of benefits and other points on the body functioning.

Many associate the idea erotic massage, tantric style, to consume a romance, with the pure erotic way.  There is no mistake in that; but you only have to think everything at a deeper level. In terms of interaction between people an erotic massage is perfect fulfillment of what you discover about how to interact with the opposite sex. It means a life lesson, which means a way to discover the way in which we discover how to defeat the fears of the opposite sex and intimacy.

Of course, to get a perfect massage it must be received by a professional  masseuse. Therefore, it counts for the girls to be prepared in this regard. More than being sensual , more than to be admired, they are also prepared to massage thoroughly. Although massage erotic massage himself it is not intense but more a game of seduction erotic eventually comes as a form of massage that relaxes you.


Intense action, the wellbeing  you win afterword, how do you feel after are successively aspects to have in mind as benefits related to the desire to get a massage. Curiosity adds to the same list and why not even desire itself to be part of something new to enjoy such an experience. So why not try it?

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Stimulating the body and mind through erotic massage

As we all know, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, that stimulated properly can bring the heights of pleasure into the life of the person that is masaged. That is the reason why more iand more people find the erotic massage to be an excellent sensorial gift. Without a doubt, people are lately becoming more familiar with the term of erotic massage, being a highly valued form of relaxation, passion and discovery.

Maybe it will come pretty hard to believe, but a massage done to high standards brings many benefits to the body, managing to restore mental and physical energy of each person. Massage is the one that improves the blood circulation, contributing to the increasing of the levels of serotonin (a hormone of happiness responsible for hormonal functions in different mental or emotional processes). In addition, massage helps eliminate toxins from the body if is done correctly.

As I said, massage is the one that stimulates the body, contributing to our well-being, physical and mental condition. Everyone needs at a time of a few moments of relaxation, moments in which to forget everything and go with the flow with all exceptional heights of pleasure. So that the massage to be more efficient, it requires a suitable decor. Atmosphere which holds the erotic massage activity have different ingredients that contribute to the welfare and the creation of the most intense sensations.

Usually, the erotic massage takes place in a very intimate atmosphere, and the person who will receive the massage should be relaxed and be lying on a special mattress. This mattress helps relaxing the muscles and so massage is done efficiently. Light is also very important; in this case is prefered a dim, diffuse light. It is preferred to be heard a music in the background, to be used incense and natural fragrances, because these small ingredients are creating the perfect atmosphere for conducting an erotic massage.

To provide a good feeling, are also used different body lotions and massage oils in order to awaken all the senses of the massaged person. Olfactory stimulation plays a very important role in this case so it hs to be fully exploited. Usually, it is indicated the use of jojoba oil, vitamin E face creams that contain aloe vera or other oils that are based on paraffin oil for the body. For the hands and feet must be used perfumed creams.

The massage starts since the hands and finish to the toes. The soles and palms are some very sensitive points, reflexology associating them with different organs of the body. By massaging the legs can stimulate points on the genitals. The face, the ears and the scalp are areas with great sensitivity and massaging these areas, the massaged person gets a real delight. A right erotic massage means paying attention to each member of the body for at least 5 minutes each.

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Tricks for a perfect massage

The erotic massage is not so easy to achieve as it sounds. Not to exaggerate, thinking only at the erotic part because eventually the art of seduction is vast, intriguing and already a first reference from which everything emerges. An erotic massage should be chosen to happen in a salon. It is simply not the same way when you are on ignorant, brutal, dry hand with no effect to satisfy you.

Even though it is just a work for professionals, for curious one find out some tricks for a perfect massage. Or just find out some inside secrets about a massage session. First and foremost it is about the sensual and erotic movements. This is after all the beginning of all. To be tough is not equal with  feeling pleasure. So, typically the most popular movements relate to suave touches, preferable with fingers and palms not applying force for example.

The scene, the decor where everything will happen is also meant to bring some charm and effect of the massage itself literally. There must be something pleasant, intimate and heated place. After all no one would like to get in a place where there are not such aspects. Usually are used also some decoration materials , music and not lastly candles are never forgotten. But also aromatherapy, why not .

The transition from one stage to another has to be easy. It may be that moment of thrill but not caused by pleasure. Some feelings may be due to external factors so it would be a pity to destroy, to tear apart the massage storyline sewn with so much patience and attention and dedication. So for example, some areas are more sensitive to touch. If the abdomen is to say less willing to be massaged the back is extensively explored. But he or she will not expect to be massaged at the feet maybe so that is a real surprise.

What seems equally interesting is that a massage is intended to be a surprise as for men as for women. It sounds daring, maybe something spectacular. But it is a privilege to follow. Goddesses in the true sense of the word giving a massage to another women, such a massage session is without comparison a delight.

Knowing that you can bring a smile on the face that seemed to forget how to live, knowing that  am erotic massage restores hope and the flame in ones life perhaps this is a real satisfaction as the pleasure itself to practice it.


This is maybe an experience no one should ignore or pass over it without notice. Perhaps such an experience is not forgotten so try it out of curiosity and continuous pleasure! This will help you find yourself, find or re-find the erotic part, the art of a perfect massage. You and your partner living like in a dream but being in reality, this is an erotic massage that will awaken all your senses.

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A different type of gift

Although it is said that March is the month for women, even if they are pampered do not forget that men also have a role in this equation. Do not forget that a couple is in fact about two sides. So how about a massage as a gift? What would you say about booking this month to say the right to receive pleasure, to be excited about a massage?

Because you deserve it that should be a maximum intensity gift; an erotic massage can be for the couple and not only for him or her. Although it is possible that women participate in such meetings do not forget the pleasure is in two. Or rather in three, four or any number of masseuses; it could be diverse for every desire.

You should not push anyone for anything, you should not advocate for choosing or not such a type of massage. Just as you should think about what you did not want to give up, what you are not willing to forget about. It could be a lifetime opportunity and moment when you will want it so considering the laws of life, the unwritten ones of course, to fully enjoy life with no regret , do not refuse such a thing.

Erotic massage for the couple runs much the same as the one for him or her. A number of masseuses if not one will keep you company. Her intention is to make you feel good, to remove the bad thoughts and take you on the heights of pleasure. Call it as a challenge, not as a form of taking the good part of wanting to experience something else in life.

If at the chapter massage for him for example there is a long list of options, from topless to nude and party in the Jacuzzi, do not forget that the massage for the couple may also have a long list of types. It may be a dream of yours to invite more masseuses for your partner while you watch and enjoy his exaltation. Your imagination is the one that should flow over the choice of this gift, this type of massage.


Now more than ever accept the great challenge of being part of such a fantasy. It may be your idea or not, it does not matter. But when two minds  conceptually unite in a single desire like to try a massage for the couple it results an  explosion which undoubtedly  is one without equal. A different gift, a gift that is unique and will mean an experience that unites you more and strengthens your relationship making intimate hence be explored more deeply. A pleasure devouring massage, a massage you can continue with another 3 and the fourth you get in the house!

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Discover the benefits of sensual massage

As we age the body goes through various transformations, revealing the effects of stress and unhealthy habits to everyone. We lose flexibility, both in terms mentally and physically and respond more slowly to stimuls and pleasures of all kinds. The body does not react as it did when it was younger.

Sensual massage can be the perfect therapy in this case, both for men and women. It can help a lot, improving the quality of sensual and intimate experiences  and also helping even in the sexual life of a couple. Men and women of the 21st century can enjoy techniques and practices used since centuries ago, Kama Sutra and Tantra techniques. These techniques can open many doors in the life of a couple, doors that previously seemed to be permanently closed.

Through sensual massage men and women who have passed the age of youth get ten times more benefits compared with the stage when they were young and craved for new experiences and sexual activity. Erotic massage is a meaningful experience, allowing lusts and pleasures to develop a new sense of intimacy and emotional and spiritual ascension.

Erotic massage or sensual massage is very relaxing and refreshing. It does not necessarily culminate in an orgasm, rather it is approached as an experience of intimacy that goes beyond sexual climax. Sensual massage allocates all the time just for pleasure, for various massage techniques that stimulate all the senses.

Through sensual massage past ideas are left aside as you let yourself loved and spoiled. Sexual energy is recharged, but you also experience an unique pleasure and a sense of increased intimacy with your partner.

Foreplay accompanied by massage can improve a relationship to an extent far greater than the simple act of orgasm. As we age we increasingly understand the need for a deeper level of intimacy and pleasure.

Erotic massage is a more gentle approach to privacy, providing numerous benefits, both physically and mentally. It is not very demanding and exhausting and offers both partners the pleasure of giving and receiving the massage. From the physical point of view, erotic massage helps improving the flexibility by increasing the blood flow. Healing properties of sensual massage are felt not only at a mental level, but also physically. Besides the fact that your relationship with your partner is taken to a whole new level by sensual massage, you feel more refreshed and your batteries are recharged.

Both the person offering and the person receiving sensual massage, especially if it is a couple, will feel pleasure and will enjoy an unique experience. Erotic massage helps to relieve the daily stress and tension, it actually makes them disappear. Sensual massage helps you become a better lover, you learn how to connect with your partner at another level and you enjoy improving the relationship as pleasure is taken to a whole new level.

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Wanting an erotic massage. Confession

I felt that I could not pass over that trauma. It is said that men should not be offended by size and how the intimate life is; no matter how hard you believe it actually seems to affect you. If we count the story itself too I had the whole plate of things to not trust me anymore.

A broken relationship is a long-term compromise. I will not …  and the list was a long one. I reached the point to reject the idea itself of having a relationship. So I got to remove any possibility that my intimate lives to be as before.

I do not know how but I came across an erotic massage salon. I said to myself that I should try it. There was nothing to lose, after all I was then the guy that had no guts to move to second base and beyond. I say go at least for the sake of admiring a beautiful woman and the right to enjoy a massage.

When you walk into a room at this salon so you already feel emotions. Or at least in my case it was so. Emotions that reminded me about something exciting, like watching a movie that was an outcome. In my episode it was just beginning. Accompanied by a gorgeous lady massage begins. I still do not know how she managed to undress me literally and figuratively. But I wake up so suddenly into a euphoric state. Smiling, I watched, I felt so good. I did not want to close my eyes thinking that would be a dream and everything would fall apart. So I sat at her eyes fixed on what she was doing.

Generally speaking it can be considered a massage, in a simply way. Oh, but you have no idea what effect it has on you. I thought I was the right man at the right place. It was like I used to live somewhere without knowing its essence and now I have discovered it. Finally, I realized that my frustration does not matter beyond the company that I have in privacy. I realized that is a big deal to be compatible with the one near you.

An experience that opened my eyes, walking me through a world where I enjoyed intensely everything around. We ended it with heavy sweating literally and figuratively, with emotions and a very peaceful state of mind. I must confess everything about it I would repeat a hundred times without getting bored. I could be a loyal customer. I do not know yet to what extent matters to be or not single. Just as I discovered another side of the feminine here, I found something new for me, I found myself and what I like.


Everyone has something to offer but the fact what a man gets from a woman can be called a treasured gift! So why not try such an experience? 

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A new beginning, same pleasures

What are your goals for this new year? Is it to be able to realize lots of things and do everything much better and so on? Add the experience to an erotic massage because that is not to be missed.  This is a place of pleasure, a place where you find yourself, where you find peace and lot of delight.

And so we continue with pleasures. It is clearly that without taking care of yourself in the true sense you will not face the challenges that you meet daily in your life. Call it whatever you want from being a reason to a way to justify yourself  but lets admit that you need a few moments for you. Just prefer to take some time and patience to discover others horizons of pleasure.

The erotic massage is no longer seen as something long denied, as a place where should you step only if … and there is a long list of reasons for this sequence . It is actually another form of massage to enjoy and this is especially for male representatives. As you cannot refuse to live your private life you cannot refuse any pleasure to be pampered by a masseuse . As you cannot ignore a beautiful woman you cannot resist to every touch of a masseuse.

Sublime , elegant, crazy or just the way your taste dictates the erotic massage takes place after its limits. In a first attempt you will want to soak it all in a second, but then you realize that you should have patience to give intensity of feeling to each and every second.

We change all concepts. It is not true that what you like is something of short time to be lived. The fact that we open our doors for everyone to experience again and again such and experience means we give you the change to prolong the pleasures. Relieve stress, leave everything to flow and melt as you will do, but for pure pleasure. It is not true that you must have a good reason to treat yourself and choose your erotic massage as being a reward. In fact you should often enjoy it because why would there be those pleasures of life?

Preoccupied about work and in stress and daily routine is easy to forget about you. So we offer you the best reason to think about what you deserve and this means something extra. Come to a massage and reward yourself with an erotic session. It will be the massage you choose, as well as the masseuse you want. It will be our gift for you and for how much you like this kind of experience. Come and convince yourself about this sayings. They are not rumors!


With no modesty and too many thoughts we recommend you to embrace the new idea and enjoy a massage session in the fantasy world. Come to us and see any of these being all true as they say! 

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Erotic massage-between pleasure and relaxation

Erotic massage is a real art that relax everyone who try it. There is not a single person to say No to thia type of massage, especially since it not only induce the relaxation but also significantly improves the sexual qualities. We must not forget that we live in a world of turmoil and stress, and men are relaxing in this particular way. Even if it seems incredible, men truly relax that way in the moment they are massaged and stimulated in the most intimate types.

A professional massage has many benefits on the body, especially that is restoring the physical and mental energy. This type of massage greatly helps to the mood of the person that is massaged and manages to create an euphoric, a better state of mind. Massage is that style of touching that manages to restore the blood circulation eliminating the toxins from the body and favoring the increase of the levels of serotonin in the body.

Serotonin is the so-called hormone of happiness that is responsible in some mental and emotional processes but also in various hormonal functions. What is the most important in making the best erotic massage ever? Well, first of all, the person who makes it, the masseuse, must be professional fot the results would match the efforts. We must not forget that the skin is the largest organ of the body that hide unexpected pleasures.

The suitable decor is one of the most important factors when talking about erotic massage. An erotic experience involves a certain type of location, namely an intimate location that emanate a good state of mind. The person that have to be massaged have to be relaxed and enjoy the pleasant environment. The place in which have to be held the massage it has to be clean, fresh and to give a good vibe. It also need scented candles and relaxig music as background. It is very important for the succes of the erotic massage experience.

Good music, a fresh decor and scented candles are the perfect ingredients for the erotic massage. Another extremely important factor for the great experience are the oils that are used. It is very important to be used special products, aromatic oils. They contribute greatly to relax and to give a good feeling to whom is massaged. Erotic massage is very beneficial and helps stimulate the mind. For this reason, many men are quiet and simply forget all the problems that they had over time.

Regardless of the personality of the men, everyone needs an erotic massage from time to time. It really helps relieving the stress and therefore helps to a good function and concentration of the invidual. Erotic massage is a form which exudes the sensuality, sexuality and passion. We can not compare the the erotic massage with a simple massage because there is a big difference, In addition, erotic massage helps a lot in good physical and mental functionality.

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