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Sensual massage for her

A challenging and constant sex life is good for our health and brings a lot of benefits in this part, but it also helps for purposes like relaxing and detensioning during the less pleasant moments of life. One of the most important tricks about sex that a man should be aware of, is to stop thinking only about himself and having the desire to offer moments full of sensuality and attention for his loved one. That includes sexy or erotic massage practiced in the privacy of their own bedroom. This can greatly help in maintaining the desired balance in a relationship. In this case both partners, the woman and also the man, will feel fulfilled and satisfied, will feel that they are taken care for and that their needs are recognized and met.

There is a series of tricks that men should include in the activity that regards the erotic massage offered to their beloved ones, their wifes or mistresses:

Spontaneity. An erotic massage can be a part of the foreplay, before intercourse itself, but it can also represent the ending of a successful love making. By doing this at the end of the love session the partner tends to be more careful and more involved in the moves he executes. A tantric massage should not be just a way for a man to get what he wants. The best type of massage needs to be focused on what his life partner desires. If this activity leads, ultimately, to sex, it is even better.

Atmosphere and location. The erotic massage must not be disturbed by any outside element, because in that case all the mood and atmosphere is killed. Close your phones, tv sets and any other electronic devices that may bother. Setting up some chill music playing in the background and lighting some scented candles can help to create an atmosphere more suitable, undoubtedly.

Full hygiene. A man should shower before performing an erotic massage to his lover, otherwise all the romance goes away. Nails should also be cut, to evoid eventual scratches.

Erotic massage is about the whole body. So the entire body of the partner should be stimulated during the erotic massage, not just the back or buttocks, for example. A succesfull erotic massage should relax the person and not only stimulate and prepare for sex. This means that all areas will be addressed with care and delicacy. The erogenous points will not be the only ones touched, but also the arms, the legs, the back, the neck and everything else.

Use aromatic oils effectively. If a man wants to play a little with massage oils on the skin of his beloved one, then he must be sure that she likes the flavor. Then, he will have to apply massage oil to his hands first and then massage it on against the body of his partner. To give a special feeling, the massage oil needs to be heated before use.

An erotic massage offered by the man to the woman can be just as sensual as in the other way around and you never know when the roles will be reversed. But in both cases, we must be careful about the way we use our hands, what accesories we have available and how stimulating the atmosphere is, in order to create the most pleasant sensorial experience.


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The essence of success for erotic massages – massage oils

A lot of people are rushing to get some hand cream or body lotion to massage their partners or loved ones, or even worse than that, let the whole process massage ashore without using nothing softening and moisturizing. If you want a massage just to take effect and offer exactly what is desired, you will need massage and aromatherapy oils to complement the atmosphere and sensations. Something to be absorbed by the skin, to soften hands and allow easier sliding of the skin, helps to execution of moves much stronger and more skillful in the technique of erotic massage.

You would also want massage oils to be something that you will only use for erotic massage sessions and nothing else. You want to get to the point where an oil massage will always remind you of an unique experience and the pleasant time spent for relaxation and intimate soothing of your partner. You will want to get into that room the next day and feel the rest of flavor that you invested in the best relaxing massage for your spouse or partner. You will want to put a touch of massage oil behind the ears and smile at the idea of what pleasure you have given and how great was the whole couple experience.

Also, a drop of massage oil strategically placed, will remind with every scent of what the special person lived the night before, keeping alive the desire to return to those intimate, sensual and relaxing moments immediately. Other moisturizers or the lubrifiants can not do these things like a scented massage oil.

Oils and aromatherapy have been around us for a long time. The massage itself is a way to relax, to relieve stress, to display interest and to release sexual tension in a creative way. Cleopatra did use such oils to distract Marcus Antonius during his official meetings. So if in the past it worked, why it would not happen also today? Indeed we should take notes! Also, massage oils were used mainly in India, the homeland of the Kama Sutra and other such things exotic and equally sensual.

The Greeks used aromatherapy oils in cosmetics and medicine. The Romans used them as lotion after bathing and Aztecs held a variety of herbs and fragrant plants that were used for daily care. It is not wrong to say that every culture of the world has used and benefited constantly from these aromatherapy oils for different purposes. The greatest, however, is the purpose of erotic massage. Essential oils demonstrate their effect in several ways.

Mainly, they spread some flavor. A flavor that can be remembered for a particular person, perhaps even a certain experience. They can also offer relaxation and soothing at another level. Given these considerations, might that also mean that massage oils can complete a successful erotic massage session? The answer to this is a certain YES!

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An erotic massage begins with a full body relaxation

The erotic massage is not like any other type of massage that is applied only to provide some unforgettable sensations to the receiver. It is also conducted as a remedial and sensual therapy for back or neck or arm pain. These things considered erotic massage combines relaxation pleasure every time. An excellent massage always begins with relaxing the body. Our back supports our head and the entire body and also it is the one who most often accumulates tension and annoying pain. Therefore every time we make a good massage we should take these things into account even if it is about a special session as the erotic massage is. 

Once the partner is face down begin to massage the back from one side to the other encouraging him to breathe deeply and relax. Pour some massage oil in your palms and rub hands together to warm the liquid. Start by applying massage with the both hands on the lower back just above the buttocks and apply pressure for several seconds just in that spot. Move your hands to the top repeating this technique all parts back to the shoulders. Use your whole hand and big circular motions starting with the lower back to the neck and distributing massage oil throughout the area. 

Use the lower pressure while drawing some circles all around both sides of the back. Use mounts hands in a circular motion to put into circulation and bottom first outward and then inward and then return to the center. Now it is time to move on to the shoulders where you begin applying more pressure until you poke your finger deep into the muscle. But this massage should not be painful at all so it is better to be reported when your partner thinks you have crossed the line. 

In the case of the buttocks and the lower back put your thumbs just above the tailbone. Apply gentle pressure with your thumbs and go over all this area. Do the same for the whole the spine. Oscillate between a lower and higher pressure to release tension and loosen your own hands. Arms need caring and massage too so take each side arm and shoulder and rub it with both hands very well. 

Start with the lower feet ankles and feet massage to relieve pain and insist on pressure points where tension accumulates. Massage also the heels and toes slightly and using your fingers. Even if you do not believe that putting pressure on the feet can help your partner to relax even more and that also stimulates all the erogenous zones of the body. Even in this case you should not hurry to move along. Take your time to take care of each area and be as sensual as possible. Beyond the entire massage session everything you do is all about an intense sexual experience that can occur later between you and your partner.

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Touching techniques in erotic massage

Enjoying a session of erotic massage, whether it takes place in your own private home or in the erotic massage parlour in your city, start by placing the body of the one that is being massaged so that it will sit as comfortably as possible, being possible for the person to enjoy all that is being offered, both visually and tactile. This type of positioning takes away the stress and the tension from ones body. The massage starts by placing the person that will receive the massage with the face down. The pillow on which the person will lay the face has to be adjusted so that the breathing can be done easily and it will be confortable. Also, the head, neck, back, hips and legs have to be pampered, creating a feeling of escape or levitating. Adjusting pillows under the hips or calves helps creating the perfect position for a massage that will show results in no time.

Having the perfect position for a massage

Next to the head and the body, positioning the arms makes the one receiving the massage more comfortable and may extend the period in which the person will feel amazing thanks to the sensual massage that is being done to him. Therefore place the arms and hands of the person in a heart shaped position alongside the body and tell him to inhale deep to start the massage session. After doing the massage with the face down, tell him to turn with his face up and change the position of the body. This will led to the facial pillow and pillow that is underneath his calves and hipss to go through some adjustments. You will have to put a towel under the head of the person, more exactly under the neck and put the pillow under the knees. Let him enjoy you touching his face, his head, neck, chest, arms, hands, feet and soles.

Techniques of slippery touches

This technique is the best one for applying oil for a warm massage. In this case you should be using big moves and pinches, slippery and fluent. Let then your hands go deep in the skin and muscles to calm the pain and fully detensionate the back and all of the masked areas. This erotic massage technique is borrowed from the regular massage and can be done in the same area a couple of times. Regarding this, you can choose to move your hands alongside the body of the person that benefits from the relaxation, paying special attention to body language and the initial state of excitement.


This technique is a tip of Japanese pressure with the help of fingers using the palms and tip of the fingers to open new ways through the energy from the inside. It works especially better when the masseuse is concentrating more on the hands and feet as much as she is on the area found at the back of the knees. Shiatsu is a technique of sensual massage that reduces stress and helps creating that feel good vibe that we all long for. Tendering the skin of your partner or of the client as the erotic massage parlour is being done by grabbing the soft tissues. Pull up the skin, clench it and let it go. Repeat this process until you will feel that the whole tension is being released from the body of the “pacient”.


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Erotic massage in your own home

How can you start a memorable night? Smile, say hello to him, love him, laugh and feel good no matter what you are doing. Let things go naturally without forcing anything. Massage is an extraordinary method of disconnect with your partner in regard with the physical, emotional and even spiritual level. Two hands that work in harmony, exploring every inch of skin of your lover to carry him in a trip of infinite pleasure. Far away from the agitation of the day to day life and from the whatever form of stress he might be suffering from, carried in a high state of happiness and fulfillness, building spirals of relaxation and getting to orgasm is what every man wants.

Getting ready for the erotic massage

Erotic massage stimulates the senses and excites the mind and every inch of the skkin in a natural way. As the partner of your lover, wanting to give him an exceptional erotic massage, you have to concentrate on soft touches, later concentrating harder and applying a deeper pressure around the erogenous areas. By assuring your partner, the most sensible and charming moves on skin with the help of your bare hands or by using oils and aphrodisiac lotions, he will be feeling loved, taken care of and cherished.

Just as well, you will be able to improve his mental and physical health. What do you have to know and think about when you are getting ready to give your boyfriend an erotic massage in the intimacy of your own home? The next advices come from specialists in the art of erotic massage, those who have mastered it and are well known for the massage techniques they are using at the parlour.

Advices from profesional masseuses

Remember each time to be more sensous and playful. If you will feel good doing these things, your boyfriend will feel the same. Do not think about any other things that could distract your attention. Close your cellphone, the computer, laptop. Leave only a small radio playing soft music in the background which will lead you to the dreamland of eroticism. Talented masseuses from any erotic parlour in the world will tell you to create a spa atmosphere or a room of erotic therapy if you find yourself in the intimacy of your own bedroom when you are giving the massage session. Make yourself beautiful, dress comfy, but sensual. Either way, in the end, anything that you will be wearing will be taken of step by step and you will remain naked for your  boyfriend. An erotic massage well done asks for nudity because a naked body will feel better next to another naked body.

Take your time in making this experience one that will not be forgotten and as sensual and erotic as possible. After all we are talking about your boyfriend here and you are allowed to get where you truly want after all the techniques you will appy to him in the bedroom. Give him some moments that will leave him lingering after them afterwards. Enhance your charm and make him wanting you as much from now on.


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Intimate things that every couple must do

Nothing lasts forever, not even love and passion. Contemporany everyday business has started to keep many people away from the moments spent together, from the intimate moments and from the shared fantasies in the bed. Passion and sexual tension have to be improved and revised regularly to mantain the flame of love always burning and developing more and more. What should all couples to be become younger in their relationship?

Sensuous shower together

A shower by itself is a very personal act and by sharing this kind of moments with the partener could help a lot to develop sexuality and love for both of the lovers. Showering is an everyday rutine, but it does not have to remain that way and you do not have to shower by yourself. Showering with your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, could be a way of breaking the barrier of private space and could help strengthening the connection between the two partners. While you are done soaping eachother you will learn so much more about your bodies. Every each, each curve will be touched and will be startled under the delicate caressing of the foam. A shower together could be extremely intimate and relaxing, just like an erotic massage, provoking the sexual tension between the two of you.

Sex in public places

I know all of you have had this fantasy and I know many of you have already done it. It is very inciting knowing you are doing something that you enjoy so much with the risk of being caught at any moment. In a park at night, in a car in the parking lot, in your own yard or in some sort of ride in the amusement park, any corner of this world is so right to make sex more thrilling. This type of adventure could change completely the nature of your relationship, which may have been stagnate, without feeling like you are going to the next level.

Premeditate sexual act by the erotic massage

Even if you are not going to the erotic massage in the area and you also do not know much about this sort of things, you could put yourself in this type of pleasure at home along with your partener. Either you are planning a surprise, either it is something spontaneous, either you get there by doing a normal massage at first, you have to let your fantasies and desires take over you. Erotic massage could represent very easily the foreplay of the sexual act and could make both of you wanting more than that, but even better than that, it will surprise you in the best way possible. The massage will help you relaxing your body by detenting the muscles. It is very pleasurable to receive this kind of treatament but you can also give this instantly when you will see that your partener needs this. Giving a massage of any sorts turns out to be an act of love that demonstrates, not only to you but also to your partener that you care about each other and that you are still into each other as much as you were on day one.

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Tao erotic massage

What is tao erotic massage, you may ask. It consists of a complex and authentic experience that features all five senses, what your body is feeling, what your mind is sensing, what your heart is needing and, last but not least, what your soul is sensing. This massage combines the very exact techniques of relaxation, stress releaving and the highest class of sensuality. In this cases, moments of relaxation and resting can occur, making you sink in a state of piece of the body and mind. All these forms and feelings are marked by a tender and soft carressing, refined petting and delicious oriental manoeuvres which will melt your heart. Tao erotic massage is one of the most recommended and most requested types of massages in a saloon for erotic massages. This could imply using all sorts of aromatic and volatile oils and it could last for even two hours of supreme erotic massage.

Tantra is seen as a world of fantasy, of ecstasy and of spiritual ways based on mystic experiences or on role playing more than on dogmas, like some that do not know the absolute truth may think. Tantra makes you see life as a whole and enjoy all of  its pleasures, especially the sensual and erotic ones. A tantric or tao massage can and will carry you on a road that will lead you on a way that, at its end you will find that spark within. The techniques and practices of tao erotic massage requires, as I was saying above, all the known senses and maybe the other senses that we may discover in the meantime. Mind and body, soul and spirit, they are all aligned in a perfect order to give birth to some mysterious and exotic experiences. Within the background of the techniques used for tantric massage, the erotic act becomes sacred, a true appreciation of the being as a whole, a worship act, a true gift of life.

Tantric arts, which include the tao erotic massage, involve praising, like some sorts of glorifying of the sensual games within the intimacy of the bedroom. Erotic massage, with all of its characteristics, finds itselfs within these ripe arts and so full of pleasure and inspiration. Tantra does not have to involve sexuality. Tantra is the glue between sexuality and spirituality, combining, like I have been mentioning above, all of the known and unknown senses. To reach a full understanding of this type of fully relaxing and sexy practice, whoever goes to an erotic massage saloon has to keep an open mind, to be bold, ready and have the courage to receive all that these absolute techniques of relaxation of the body and of the mind can offer to you. Tantra will always be an eternal way of self growth for those who are ready to practice it and embrace it. The ancient premise regarding the sexual energy is that sexual pleasure should never be stopped and that one should always do what it takes to get your sexuality back.

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Why and how to do erotic massage

The massage helps in directing energy through the body and eliminate any energy blockages, following a series of predefined movements. There are still no strict rules regarding a specific order. We present here one of erotic massage variants, namely the one you consider the most appropriate to bring harmony and energy awakening. 

Steps for the erotic massage

The first stage is the preparation, relaxing the muscles and opening the energy channels. This stage indicates a superficial massage, a quick touch on the entire surface of the body. Stage two includes massaging the back and front face of the body, including the erotic massage of the sexual organs. At this stage the energy is driven, more dynamic and then guided to the higher centers of force. This is the maximum time the excitation energy and sex drive awakens very much, that often some are impatient to experience quickly the following steps.

Finally, the massage is focused on the face. This step is designed to induce general relaxation and harmonization of overall energy. After these steps, which can be considered as a prelude, the two lovers can continue through lovemaking that will certainly be much nicer and much higher due to special training favored by the erotic massage. 

Massage can be a prelude welcomed anytime

Because women are generally harder to excite than men, a classic erotic massage is a practice whereby men can prepare before penetration. Flicking and kissing the erogenous zones of  woman, will convey the message through which they communicate that the desire is present, as it can relax, trusting that the man will do everything  he can to generate pleasure. In a couple relationship, the massage is much more than simple relaxation. Too few people indulged long enough to reach his partner throughout the body, thus knowing him better.

On the other hand, anyone wants confirmation that is loved beyond words that are often so unpredictable. One can say huge gentle caress. Moreover, the therapeutic benefits resulting by massaging the muscles are enormous, because are eliminating all tensions along the nerves that cross the entire body.

Erotic massage is the art of relaxation and the key of a safe sexuality

There is though this antechamber of lovemaking that is the prelude, something that is even more delightful than to have them do a massage. Mutual massage performed simultaneously is the key. Massage between two lovers can be considered a delicious and magical aspect of a safe sexuality. This usually lead to a harmonization to the relationship of the couple, to gain love and intimacy between the two and, why not, in a permanent state of happiness and fulfillment overflowing.

We can therefore deduce an absolute law in the art of consolation, namely that a genuine erotic massage is never starting with the genital area. The movements are still very delicate, more delicate than a regular massage because each area is specifically mentioned to be erotic stimulated, thereby generating a specific sensation on the entire body.

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Dominance tehnicques in erotic massage

Our skin contains millions of nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated in a more sensual way than usual. Tantric erotic massage is an experience by which you can bring your boyfriend a total relaxation, the sublime pleasure, using only the power of touch. And in this purpose I have prepared a guide to erotic massage, which includes practical tips and techniques to achieve an exciting erotic massage.

What you should know is that in a professional erotic massage, sex is not included. Pubic can be touched, as well as other partner erogenous zones, but normal oral sex and regular sex are not part of the menu in this case.

Experts believe that massagen practiced beyond intercourse, the touching also has an important role, bringing us many benefits in a couple. Basically, we are programmed to feel pleasure when we are touched, because all over our skin is rich in nerve endings. The benefits of massage are both physical and mental or spiritual. An erotic massage experience helps treat premature ejaculation, relieves the feeling of anxiety and stress drives, rebalances circulation of the blood in the entire body, it relaxes the muscles and strengthens them. Also, the tehnicques of an erotic massage increases the fertility, improves the cardiac activity and other organs, detoxifies the body and increases intimacy between partners and sexual satisfaction in couples.

Erotic ambience

Silk sheets, ambiental sound background and candles with aphrodisiac flavors (such as lavender) are some things that should not miss from your love nest. In addition, you should know that the room in which the massage is taken, should have a temperature higher than 22 degrees Celsius. Essential oils for massage are also very important. Many people ignore this aspect when producing a first massage, but you should rub your hands with oil, then pour a few drops on the body of the partner. In this way, every touch is well lubricated and only them are causing the pleasure. Ideally, you should choose an essential oil with aphrodisiac scent (click on the Internet and discovers essential oils with adrodisiac effect ) for your own touch to provoke a more intense pleasure. Another tip would be to put the bottle of oil in hot water because the oil for massage is very cold.

Naked massage

Experts say that both the masseuse and client must be completely naked during the massage. This ensures the exchange of sexual energy between them. The intimate areas will be reached easier in the end. The massage should start with a series of relaxation techniques. The masseuse touches her client throughout the body, from head to toe, but will avoid to touch the intimate area. Only when you see that the body of your boyfriend is completely relaxed, you can you rub his penis. Erotic massage means permanent physical contact and throughout the massage, the masseurs bring a pleasant massage to the client. This ensures uninterrupted erotic power exchange between the two, but also body heat.

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Why to choose an erotic massage experience

The erotic massage, also known as a sensual massage is a technique by which a person gets a massage  to the erogenous spots of another person to obtain or high arousal or stimulation. Massages have been used for medical purposes for a very long time and their use in erotic purposes also has a very long history. For women, the areas concerned are breasts and pubis, while in men, is the important point, as you can imagine are the genitals. It can be used as part of sexual activity as a prelude to the final act or as part of a sex therapy.

Sex therapy. When using in sex therapy, the erotic massage aims to stimulate the libido or your ability to respond positively at sensual stimuli. In some cases, erotic massage can be used as a form of foreplay. In other cases, erotic massage can be used to help men who have problems with premature ejaculation. The methods used can help the participant to relax his pelvis muscles, increasing sexual arousal period and increasing pleasure.

Relaxation. Besides the mentioned therapy, a massage done professionally has multiple benefits on the body as physical and mental energy. Using the art of erotic massage, the person that receives the erotic massage feels revigorated, increasing her level of serotonin. This is known as the hormone of happiness, responsible for the mental and emotional processes, but also in hormonal functions, obviously. And who does not want to be happy?

Curiosity. Certainly, how many discussions you heard about erotic massage, you are curious what and how. What happens there? How it looks the female employees? How good is the quality? If you still ask yourself this, why do not want to find an answer? I do not think it is time to be shy, we are not 15 years old anymore. And there is no longer such a taboo subject today, since many young females work in the field. Do you not think so? Come and see! In conclusion, you have so many reasons you may seek the services of a massage parlor. The only things that keep you to not do such a thing there is none actually. Leave aside the shame and experience something you will not regret.

Erotic massage is no longer a forbidden subject for a long time, as it was once. We all know that people resort to these techniques to feel better and to feel more satisfied. In fact, we live in this world of XXI century, a crazy world, hectic, full of need and stress. Wherever we ask for, we will find some similar answers: people are so stressed that completely neglects their lusts and desires. Of course, a craving can be called the bodily one. Usually, people relax when they receive a sexual indulgence. Both men and women need these things in their lives.


It came as the great maker time is money to be a motto for most of people. That is why we completely ignore themselves and as we come to forget the pleasures of the body and the spirit. In fact, not everything revolves around the estate or bank accounts, but in the state of happiness.

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