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The erotic massage guide – tips from our experts

There is no denying that erotic massage allows better sensual communication between you and your partner. If the regular, therapeutic massage is meant to help you relax and let go of all body aches and pains, sensual massage takes that to the next level as it allows you and your partner to be pampered by the art of touch.

The following tips have only one purpose: to offer you and your partner the perfect scene, the ideal setting in order to obtain complete fulfillment.

Step 1: Get rid of all distractions

If you’re planning to offer an erotic massage to your partner, make sure that you pick a day and a time when you won’t be disturbed. Second of all, the room where the massage will be offered must be emptied of any source of distractions. That includes cell phones, computers, laptops, TV’s – even the outside noise must be reduced to a minimum. In case you have children, send them to your parents or to your babysitter so you won’t be interrupted.

Step 2: Set up the massage area

This second step implies preparing the massage area. Either it’s a bed, a massage table or the floor, you must be sure that the “scene” of the massage will be comfortable. Spread a sheet on the massage surface and keep by some clean towels and pillows, for neck and knee support.

In addition to that, use towels and sheets that you won’t mind having stained, as you will use massage oil. Increase the number of towels, so you don’t have to leave the room if you run short of them.

Step 3: Set up the mood

Surely you will want a romantic and sensual atmosphere. How do you obtain that? The first thing to do is to dim the lights, or cancel them completely. If you’re wondering “Won’t there be any lights in the room?”, rest assured. The perfect answer is offered by candles. You could even use scented ones in order to create the sensual atmosphere you will both enjoy.

Don’t forget the music. Choose some romantic music that will set both you and your partner in the right mood.

Step 4: Extra tips

As you’ll start the erotic massage, you must check some other things off the list. That includes keeping yourself and your partner clean, by taking a shower before this sensual encounter.

Second of all, make sure you cut your nails, as the discomfort of scratches mustn’t be present during the erotic massage.

Third, if you use massage oil, make sure that you don’t pour it directly to your partner’s body. The cold sensation could be rather disturbing than sensual, so warm it up by rubbing your hands, before applying it on your partner’s body.

Last but not least, make sure you keep close everything you need. Maybe some aphrodisiac liquors bring you more pleasure, or some water, or anything else. Just like the clean towels mentioned above, you won’t enjoy going to another room to get them.

There is nothing left to say, as from now on only your imagination and desires come into play. If all this might seem too much, we suggest you surprise your partner and book for an erotic massage for couples, only at Artemis Massage. Either way, it’s your choice, but you certainly won’t regret it!

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Tips for a successful sensual massage

Have you ever tried the experience of an erotic massage? Maybe it’s time to find out what benefits it brings, how enjoyable it is and how it revives your erotic potential. The following ideas and techniques we offer are meant to help you deliver the best erotic massage for your partner.

Begin with a head massage

Get your partner to lie down, in a comfortable position, and start massaging his forehead and temples with gentle strokes. Increase or decrease the pressure, as you can see how he is feeling. This is the best way to set your partner in the right mood, before you continue with other massage techniques.

Go on with a back massage

Make him lie down on his stomach and start sliding your palms up and down gently on his back, while stretching his skin. Repeat the movements about 10 times, and don’t forget to synchronise your actions with his breathing. This is the best way to get him relaxed, released of muscular tension.

Roll him over! It’s time for a chest massage

For the best access, put yourself on top of him, and begin massaging his pecs with circular movements. Apply pressure according to his reactions, and don’t forget to pamper his nipples. For a final sensual touch, you can kiss his chest at the end of this part.

Why do you need to do this? Maybe you didn’t know, but the chest is an erogenous zone that’s very receptive to touch.

Caress his arms

Lie next to him and begin massaging his arms, from palm to wrist, elbow and shoulder. Go back and forth, repeat your movements and for a final touch you could end with a palm massage. Even if we often ignore the hands, you must know that they contain many erogenous zones, that need to be stimulated during an erotic massage.

Bum & feet

As you’ve ended massaging all his top, go on with the bum and the legs. The bum and the feet have numerous erogenous zones and stimulation spots. Massaging them will give a double benefit: relaxation and arousal.

By now, he will be fully relaxed and intrigued about what’s the next step. You know what you have to do!

The following tips will help you further in order to create the perfect atmosphere for the massage.

  • Have a light dinner, and include some aphrodisiac meal, maybe some wine.
  • Set the heat at a comfortable level. About 25 degrees Celsius will be just fine.
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere: dim the lights and get anything that might distract you out of the way.
  • Prepare the bed: arrange cushions, blankets and towels (the next step explains why you need towels).
  • Buy some massage oils. That’s why you will need the towels, in case some of it gets spilled. Pick massage oils with aphrodisiac properties to spice things up.
  • Remove your jewelry and cut your nails – certainly you don’t want to hurt him, or scratch him during the massage.
  • With every movement you make, with every spot on his body that you touch, observe his reactions. His expressions will let you know if he is pleased, if the pressure you apply is proper, if you’re offering him pleasure.
  • Use various movements, from light ones to more rough ones, include rolling, squeezing and sliding techniques.
  • Turn things around. It might be a good idea that you massage each other, as you both must get into that sensual state.
  • Use your creativity: the tips above aren’t ground rules that you have to respect every time.


Follow these tips and you’ll see that both you and your partner will be delighted by the outcome!

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Do’s and don’ts for erotic massage

If you’re looking forward to offering an erotic massage to your partner, you will have a lot to learn. It’s not like you’re a professional, if it’s the first time you try it. In order for you both to have an incredible experience, we offer you some free tips in the following article. Read below the top 10 do’s and don’ts of erotic massage.

1. Erotic massage DON’T: oil applied directly to your partner’s body.

It may seem very exciting as you see it in movies, but squirting massage oil directly to your partner’s body can be very unpleasant. Instead, pour it into your palms and rub them together, to warm it first.

2. Use massage oil, not body lotions.

The massage oil is much more indicated, as body lotions absorb faster and often leave the skin dry just in a few minutes. Plus, they can stain your sheets and bed. For a perfect erotic massage, use massage oil – it’s lighter, easily absorbed and doesn’t ruin towels, clothes or sheets.

3. Slow things down.

There is no need to rush things. Erotic massage is all about getting to a degree of full satisfaction gradually, and you can ruin the whole experience if you start with deep and firm strokes. Slow down your rhythm, and focus on your partner’s pleasure.

4. Don’t exhaust your hands.

Erotic massage can get tiring if you overdo your efforts. A big mistake is using your thumbs at first, as after only a few minutes of strokes your hands will feel incredibly tired. Keep your thumbs as a secret weapon and save them for later, as you slow things down – see the previous step.

5. The importance of feedback.

If you want to offer the best erotic massage experience, you will have to ask your partner for feedback. Maybe the massage is too deep, or too light. Maybe you will get nothing but moans and groans, you’ll need to be careful withthose and keep going or change things a bit. Again, it’s all about feedback, about how the massage that you offer brings pleasure to your partner.

6. Don’t expect anything in return.

As you give your partner an erotic massage, don’t start with the mindset that you will receive one too. It’s your surprise for him, and you should focus on that. If you do a good job, surely you’ll be rewarded.

7. Get rid of all distractions.

Certainly you wouldn’t want to be interrupted, so put away any laptops, phones or any other devices that might get in the way. Be also sure that you have all what you need in that room – as there is nothing more frustrating than stopping in the middle of the erotic massage to go to another room for a towel.

8. Don’t forget any body part.

Your hands must contour your partner’s whole body. The more body you touch and massage, the better the experience.

9. Arrange a proper ambiance.

In order to get the maximum out of an erotic massage, you have to take care of all the details. Wine, subtle music, light candles and aromatherapy are some ingredients you could use to create the perfect ambiance.

10. Find a comfortable place for the massage

This is strictly related to how you and your partner will be positioned. The bed might be a good idea, but in fact it isn’t. The mattress is irregular and could eventually numb you or your partner’s body parts. The floor and some cushions for knees, back and neck is a much better idea.

That’s about it. Keep these 10 things in mind the next time you decide to offer your partner an erotic massage.

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How does your health benefit from an erotic massage?

From immemorial times, massage is known to mankind as a perfect way to obtain relaxation, to eradicate stress and anxiety and to receive a better state of mind. Human touch – as it’s been demonstrated again and again – is good for both mental and physical health. That applies also to the techniques implied in order to offer an erotic massage.

As a matter of fact, you will begin to feel the beneficial effect after about 5-10 minutes. The sensual art of erotic massage begins with reducing the heart and breath rate, and also the blood pressure, in case it’s elevated. That certainly applies to the classic, non-erotic massage, but the effects are further amplified by such a massage session.

Tantric, sensual or erotic massage certainly has the power to enhance the benefficial effects, by combining sexual arousal with deep physical relaxation.

As most of our customers confess, the erotic massage they get at Artemis Masaj parlor is the best way to alleviate headaches, daily worries and even have antidepressant effects. Usually, that lasts for 2 to 3 days, fact proven by the idea that our customers keep coming back, even 3 or more times a week.

Why is that? As one of our clients says, “The degree of relaxation and stress reduction is incredible. Once I had a massage offered by one of the Artemis Masaj goddesses, I couldn’t believe how refreshed I felt.”

Let’s dig into the further health benefits that erotic massage has to offer.

  • It awakens all the senses and stimulates the body activity, including the auto-healing capacity of the immunitary system.
  • It allows you to receive pleasure in ways you never imagined, very creative and exciting. The whole experience is different with every visit, as you can pick any of our massage goddesses to be the one that pampers your senses.
  • Erotic massage offers an enhancement to intimacy, by combining the usage of eye contact, breathing and the art of touch.
  • The connection created between the offerer and the receiver is an unusual one. By that, we mean that you’ll be more aware of your sensations and you’ll get more and more pleasure with every session.
  • Breath, sound, movement and touch are used in an erotic massage, just to offer you the deepest pleasure.
  • Let’s not forget another important benefit. Being aware of what your deepest and most secret pleasures are, you could put them to work for your sexual life in the couple. Nobody could deny that erotic massage is an excellent prelude.

What do you need in order to give or to receive an erotic massage in the intimacy of your home? Just focus on the atmosphere, as it needs to be a very relaxing one. Play some chill music, dim the lights and use some aromatherapy candles to obtain a further relaxing sensation.

The next step? Prepare yourself to be pampered by a fully sensual body to body massage. If you choose to visit Artemis Masaj parlor, our masseuses are more than happy to please you in ways you never imagined. If what you desire is a massage for home, check out our previous articles and you’ll find the perfect tips for a successful and relaxing erotic massage.


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The masseuze guide: how to give the best erotic massage

Erotic or sensual massage implies the usage of massaging techniques for therapeutic or erotic purposes. Among the numerous other health benefits, an erotic massage is also a great way to build intimacy and closeness with your partner.

If you are wondering how could you give the best erotic massage to your partner, this article will bring you enlightenment. The expert masseuses at Artemis Masaj put together a few tips for a perfect erotic massage. Following these simple steps will grant you the best experience, that you and your partner will enjoy.

Creating the perfect ambiance is the best way to start. There is nothing more pleasant, relaxing and sensual than a well prepared room in which the erotic massage will be given. The ambiance is one of the most important elements that makes a real difference, so be sure that you arrange and prepare the room properly, just like we do at Artemis Masaj Club.


  • turn off or put away any sources of distraction: phones, alarms, laptops, computer, tablets, TVs and anything else that might defocus you from the erotic massage
  • trim your fingernails and be sure that there aren’t any sharp edges, because only one scratch on the partner’s skin can be a huge turn-off
  • play with the lighting and create a sensual ambiance by reducing the intensity of light to a semi obscure or dark level
  • if you need a shred of light, you can try placing some candles in the room – that will create an even more sensual ambiance
  • make sure there is a subtle relaxing tune that completes the entire ambiance, surely you will find some good music that promotes relaxation and that enhances the mood
  • be sure that you warm up your hands before starting the massage; cold hands are a big turn-off and the whole massage experience can be ruined in that manner

Tricks for a successfull erotic massage

You have to keep in mind the fact that the moves and strokes of an erotic massage are much more gentle and lighter than the ones used in a regular one. In order to trigger the right senses and feelings, you have to be much slower, and maybe apply more pressure at start and soften up once you continue.

Timing is also essential for a successful erotic massage. Setting up the ambiance is only one of the details implied, and we say that because simply starting with the erogenous zones is a mistake in most of the cases. In fact, you don’t have to get there earlier than the second half of the massage session.

When you are offering an erotic massage to your partner, you should also be aware of his/her body language. There are some subtle signs that will show you if you’re doing it right, or if the strokes and rubbing is more disturbing than relaxing and sensual.

If you take into consideration all of the above, surely you’ll be able to offer the best erotic massage. We, at Artemis Masaj parlour, put the receiver’s pleasure above anything, and so should you, when the one you are massaging is a very special person in your life.

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An erotic massage for your partner – an 8-step guide

erotic massage

Maybe you want to surprise your partner. Nothing could be more appropriate than a massage, but not of any kind: an erotic massage. If you have no idea about how you should do this, we offer a few tips below.

1. Rub the cervical area

Many people tend to accumulate a great deal of tension in this area, into the muscles located right between the shoulder blades. Release his tension by putting a little massage oil or lotion to the base of the spine. With your thumbs, massage the spine by climbing up gradually till you reach the cervical area. Finally, rub his top back and shoulders and to completely release the tension.

2. Any massage gesture must be very light but firm

Gently touch his back by lightly slapping it. Such touches stimulate erotic energy, thus reaching nerve impulses directly to the erogenous zones.

3. Use your lips

Remove any excess oil or lotion from your partner’s body. Then take a deep breath and place your lips at the base of his spine to climb by kissing up to the area behind the neck. To make it more exciting, release light exhales after each kiss.

4. Preheat his back

Use your hands to explore its entire back, from lumbar to the cervical area. With slow movements and repeated massage using palm rest, heat up all his back, one area at a time. You can perform this procedure even before applying massage oil or lotion.

5. Preheat him more

Keep going with the previous massage movements and speed them up. This procedure will allow you to bring him further relaxation, as you will “warm” him up more and more.

6. Rub the ankles (you’ll see why!)

Ask him to turn face up and begin to rub his ankles, applying pressure to both sides of the tendons. Do not apply pressure on the tendon itself, but to the surrounding areas.

Perhaps you’re wondering why it’s so important to rub his ankles. We explain: there is a hot spot along that tendon which is said to stimulate the prostate and genitals. Your partner might even tell you he feels some tingling in the leg – that’s a sign that you approached that point. Rest assured – surely the effect will be visible when you reach the exact spot.

7. Use your own body

The following part is a very exciting one. Get naked (unless you already are) and use your own body to massage your partner. Cover yourself with massage oil or lotion and by slow movements, massage your partner’s body. You can do this also when your partner is lying face down, and when he’s face up.

8. Do not ignore the nipples

This erogenous zone is often neglected for men. While you’re on top, massaging him with your own body, use your lips and tongue to stimulate his nipples. He will definitely appreciate it, because in those moments (and all the others) he will feel intense pleasure.

After you have completed all these steps, you can continue as you wish. Most likely, however, your partner will lose his patience and you will both continue the thing for which you have prepared yourself and organized this wonderful prelude.

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What a man wishes from a massage

What could a man wish more after a day full of activities and exhaustion than a perfect massage offered by a wonderful woman? How would it be if you knew that there is a place where you can be the beneficiary of a really relaxing massage that can help you leave all the stress and all the worries outside, while you experience the most efficient massage session?

We know that the best way of getting away from all the daily concerns and other stuff that bothers you is to make an appointment at our massage parlor, which, by the way, is one of the most wanted and desired all over the country.

The reason why people choose a relaxing massage instead of other methods of relaxation?

Throughout time, the massage techniques performed in Masaj Club Artemis only got better, this being the main reason why the number of those who want to be the beneficiaries of this type of services increased considerably.

One of the most efficient methods of therapy known is the massage, that is why we want all our clients enjoy the most professional services, at the highest standards. This kind of therapy has incredible effects not only on the physic, but also on the psyche. By means of a massage performed in our salon, every client obtains, at the end, the relief that he needed so much and for which he waited impatiently all day long.

What can be more relaxing after a exhausting day than to get a well deserved massage which will bring you into an extremely pleasant state, in a mood rather refreshed and relaxed than stressfull? Once you think about getting a massage in our massage club, it is clear that you needed this type of services for too long and now is the moment to enjoy it.decor-masaj-erotic

For those of you who do not know what are the effects of our techniques of relaxation and want to find out what they’re about, the massage is an crucial factor that has an important role both for nerves and muscles. As long as it is applied properly, it is almost impossible for a client not to feel and experience the indescribable benefits that a massage has to offer.

Only if the person who applies the massage has the necessary knowledge to the the job properly, the results will be the best ones, that is why the number of our clients increases more and more. We receive all the time words of praise for our masseuses, because they are the only ones who can bring to life all the senses of a man, ensuring in the same time an amazing and unspeakable effect concerning the whole body.

As you can see, the massage really has an important role, being one of the most genuine source of energy and refreshment ever known, but also of pleasure and vitality. Besides, the customers who were here once, could not help to come over again and again.

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Erotic massage – an art and a passion

What can be more relaxing, exciting and entertaining than getting an erotic massage in one of these cold, unfriendly weather days? It doesn’t have to be on any special occasion, and that’s even better.

It is well known that we are able to communicate more intensely not by words, but just by exploring our bodies. That’s where erotic massage comes into play and helps the real entire body delightment come to life.

The art of sensual massage implies using various factors, from the settlement of the mood and atmosphere in the designated room, to the techniques used for offering the highest amounts of pleasure to the receiver.

What needs to be done for a great sensual massage session? We’ll drive you through every step. Keep reading.

As for yourself, the future beneficiary of the sensual massage, you only need to be clean, bathed and prepared for an incredible experience. All the other aspects are our concern. At Artemis, you’ll find professional masseuses that will help you relax, get rid of stress and tension and even fulfill some secret fantasies you have. What do we do to obtain that? Well, first of all …

We set the appropriate mood

The way you’re welcomed at Artemis Massage Bucharest will certainly impress you. The soothing atmosphere has its own goal – to introduce you into a realm of privacy, where you’ll have nothing else to worry about but enjoying the moment.

The less distractions, the better. For a successful and exciting, sensual massage experience, you must put away everything that can distract you. So, no TV, no phone, no other appliances, just a warm, sensual and romantic lighted room that will assure you of your comfort.

The lighting you’ll be introduced to has the only purpose to make you feel relaxed and forget the stress and anxiety that you were put through at work or anywhere else. In order to offer you a full romantic and sensual perspective, the room will be lighted by candles, and we’ll use aromatherapy oil to pamper your senses.

Our masseuses offer the best erotic massage experience you will ever encounter!

These are not our words – this is a general opinion of each and every customer that chooses our massage parlor. Although, you don’t have to take our word for it – try us yourself!

Our professional masseuses put the art and the passion of the sensual massage at work, and after only a few minutes spent with one of them, you’ll totally forget about worries, stress and daily routine. All you’ll have in mind will be overwhelmed by intense waves of pleasure and relaxation.

As we said before, you don’t have to take our word for it. If you’re in Bucharest and want to have an excellent experience, all you have to do is contact us. Surely it will be a decision you won’t regret, as most of our customers become regulars once they try the sensual experience of an erotic massage, offered by professionals.

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The secret Diary of Masseuse Erika

Our girls at Artemis Massage are simply amazing! It’s not us that say that, but our satisfied customers that keep coming back for unforgettable experiences.



If you browsed our photo gallery, at least one of the masseuses (if not all of them) must have caught your attention. In this post we’ll delight you with some insight from Erika, one of the most successful masseuses at Artemis Massage.

How come she is so passionate about her job? What does it take to offer the best massage sessions that simply delights each of her customers?

We asked Erika some questions that she was more than happy to answer. From the start, she decided to tell us how much she loves her work.

“I believe that there is a certain miracle in the art of massage. Pampering the sense of touch is one of the things i‘m excited about, so I really like this profession that allows me to put that to work.”

If there’s a thing to add, it’s the fact that Erika pursued specialised physiotherapy classes at a prestigious medical university. Gaining the required experience there, she applied for a job at our massage parlour, and now she’s one of the most successful masseuses in Artemis Massage.

“Every day is full of stress and anxiety, and a nice session of massage is the best way to add some extra adrenaline and lots of pleasure. That way, the sensation of relief is fully complete”.

We asked Erika how come she is on the top preferred masseuses of the customers, and she replied immediately:

“I know that all my colleagues are very good looking, and so am I. How come most customers pick me instead of any other, sometimes? Well, I like adding something new all the time, for every massage session. And I also believe that being able to empathise with the passion and pleasure felt by my guests works as an advantage for me.”

Then, we asked Erika what brings her the most satisfaction and fulfillment at her job. Without hesitation, she declared that her biggest satisfaction is to offer her guests, wonderful and unforgettable moments of pleasure.

“There is one unique moment in each session, when I’m able to see the look and expression of my guest. My goal is to offer enormous amounts of pleasure, because, as I previously said, I’m able to empathize with it.”

Finally, we asked Erika about how she feels about working at Artemis Massage. She was more than delighted to answer:

“I really enjoy working at Artemis Massage Bucharest. The atmosphere out here is fabulous, as Artemis really takes care of its guests and masseuses. Each and every detail is taken care of, the approach is very professional, and everything works fine.”

That being said, we hope that we caught your attention. If you want to know Erika better and to be her guest in a massage session, all you have to do is contact us. Surely you won’t regret the experience!

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The place where pleasure is found in every detail

How would it be if you knew that there is a place where you can go after a stressful or a busy day and you have the certitude that you will be disconnected from all your worries? Do you wish to get into a place where the main purpose is your one and only pleasure? Well, you might be surprised, but there is such a place and it is more accessible than it seems. Artemis Massage is the place where pleasure is highly rated and it is found in every detail. To find more about this place the manager offers you a few answers to some basic questions.

Why would people choose a massage session?

The massage is one of the most important methods of therapy, as well for physical and also for mental relief. What can be more pleasant after a busy day, when we are all tired, to get a massage which will bring us a refreshed and relaxed mood? The massage plays an important role for muscles and nerves and brings to life all the senses by ensuring a wonderful and an amazing effect for the whole body. So, the massage is an important source of energy, vitality and pleasure.

What is the difference between a classic massage and the erotic one?

The most significant difference between a classic and an erotic massage is the fact that the last one allows a full contact between the body of the client and the person that gives the massage. This fact is very important because it can give a strong feeling of freedom and the pleasures can be fully experienced by every single customer. The body is fully stimulated and this is a huge advantage of the erotic massage.

What does a customer obtain at Artemis Massage?

Someone who chooses to get a massage at Artemis parlor, has the certainty that he will get a quality massage. The professionalism of the masseuses is found in their behavior, the attention to every client and the perfection of each massage is guaranteed by mastered techniques.

The principles who rule this massage parlor put a great accent on intimacy and satisfying every client’s needs. Discretion is treated with a lot of attention and reliability. For this reason, every customer who arrives in this place will be completely relaxed and will have no worries.

Is this massage parlor for everyone’s taste?

Well, we are truly confident that it is, so yes! The choices that we make when we select the staff will assure the one that wants a massage that beauty is related to diversity and everyone can fulfill personal preferences using the services we offer. Also, the way that our parlour looks inspires elegance, full of warmth and good taste. We have all different rooms specifically decorated to offer each client a pleasant and unique experience. What makes the difference from other parlors is the attention given to every single detail and the great number of clients who are leaving with a smile on their faces.

Artemis Massage is the place where massage is transformed into art and where you can escape when you get tired, stressed out or simply want to evade from a really bad day.

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