Massage is a great way to relax, pamper, connect and pleasure, all those when we are together with the lover or a boyfriend. In terms of tantra, erotic massage insists on bringing together two people honoring and celebrating the bodies and souls as a whole, a temple of sensuality. These experiences allow deeper exploration of the erotic energies in new forms and are also a perfect prelude for evenings or nights that will certainly be unforgettable. This kind of erotic-massage relaxation provides at least three major benefits to the life of a couple in love.

The easiest to see the value of a good massage is by getting such intense feelings in a specialized massage parlor that offers the best service in the field. Then, after visiting a salon and also after several attempts at home in privacy, any couple will become more aware of the power that stands in erotic massage, in keeping alive the flame of passion in the bedroom. In creating a wonderful experience in terms of erotic massage between lovers, it requires following a few strides.

Preparing MORE

Install yourself in a room where the massage will be most appropriate. The most common place would be the bedroom, but the nonconformist can practice it elsewhere where there is a spread, long and soft bed. Prepare a warm, comfortable and quiet athmosphere,  in which you will not be disturbed for the next 2 hours, at least. The phones are closed, some scented candles must be lit and soft music, classic or erotic will be heard smoothly in the background, just like a good old black and white film. The bed should be comfortable and the linens feel super touch. A real fireplace or a wood stove to heat the room should be present to complete all the décor for an erotic massage succeeded.

GRANT successively erotic massage

Erotic massage will be performed by someone other first, because then, the other to enjoy as much of the intensity of such pampering sessions. The recipient of the massage will be invited to sit on his stomach on the bed where all the action will occur, or on a couch or on a quality mattress. The one who receives massage should feel good, comfortable, relaxed and pampered, but as well you have to feel the one who gives massages. In his ease, inspiring and welcoming love, masseur must be equally thrilled by the work that he is receiving such therapy.

The art of erotic massage brings together two partners in the couple and make them be grateful to each other for their pleasure and relaxation induced during therapy itself. Love will be laced with compassion and gratitude. What are the most important benefits of erotic massage for couples? It manages to awaken your senses and activate the healing capacity of the body. It also allows exploration in new and creative ways of pleasure. It uses eye contact that leads to greater intimacy between lovers.

Erotic massage creates a conscious connection between receiver and masseur. It uses sound, movement and breath to awaken the senses in a true whole body orgasm. It makes the illusion of separation to remove and allows consciousness to liberate the souls and minds of both partners of a couple.