We have all heard about those salons which provide services like erotic massages. Which is the main difference between this type of massage and the traditional one? Well, an erotic massage involves using many more relaxation techniques, but, mainly, it will consist in focusing on those tantric procedures.

How does erotic massage action on you?

Erotic massages represent an extremely used method in a couple’s life, with the main purpose of helping partners in sexual reconnection. Based on serotonin stimulation, which is also known as the happiness hormone, erotic massages play an important role in achieving the most intense balance between mind and body.

Combining body therapies with sexual pleasures, any woman can succeed in attracting her partner into an unforgettable experience. She can create the most intimate ambient by focusing on details like perfumed candles, diffused light or music in order to create the perfect space for achieving a relaxed mood based on sexuality. Also, women can opt for choosing the most provocative underwear accessorized with high heels or any other sensual outfits. In this way, the one who benefits from the erotic massage will have the opportunity to accommodate faster with the ambient and, also, to feel more open minded from the very beginning of this experience.


What do you need to consider when thinking about giving your partner an erotic massage?

It is well known that men are usually attracted to self-confident women. Being aware of this makes things much easier for any woman. We also know that men are tempted to hire experts (like high class escorts or those women who work in erotic massages salons), mainly, because their life partners are not enough open-minded regarding the fantasies they have. A professional woman who works in one of the areas mentioned above will never judge the client or make him feel complexed about his dreams or desires. That is the main reason why women have to encourage their partners to open themselves more when it comes to sexual discussions.

During an erotic massage, you have the freedom to explore as many techniques as you wish. You can choose to be completely naked or to keep a certain level of mystery. It is highly recommended to discuss with your boyfriend while massaging him, using some keywords which will turn him on. He has to know that you are enjoying this moment as much as he is.

Get rid of all inhibitions in order to satisfy your loved one.


Insights from the professionals in the erotic massage art

Even though it is tempting to believe that erotic massages involve a simple procedure (especially when it comes to long-term relationships where the life partners know each other for many years), sometimes one can encounter difficulties.

Before surprising your boyfriend with an erotic massage, you may want to choose carefully the oil you are going to use. For example, there are available some special oils with aphrodisiac effects.

Another important thing to consider is regarding the genital area. Specialists in erotic massage art recommend women to massage genitals only at the end of this process. It is proved that men will enjoy in a more intensive way if the intimate area is being avoided until the end. In this way, the desire amplifies and the pleasure will maximize.

The partner has to constantly hear from the woman he loves how much she wants him sexually (this is a tip which can be applied daily in a couple’s life).


Being aware of how important is diversity in your sexual life, you will successfully avoid boredom and monotony, enjoying memorable moments with your partner. An erotic massage can become one of the greatest experience you have ever had, which will certainly be repeated.