With each and every category of erotic massages we offer we define more and more the clear aim. The entire salon is always in the client’s service; that’s why the services are complex and intriguing from the very beginning. Besides the fact that it’s a pleasure nevertheless along with that an erotic massage means but in a detailed way and every type of that brings another story and definition for pleasure.

First of all, for those that are at the beginning mostly, for those that try for the first time what an erotic massage means a simple and what we call classic erotic massage is the option. That means you choose the masseuse, the pretty lady and for at least one hour she will delight you with her topless appearance plus a massage in both ways, the relaxation one combined with the erotic techniques.

Second of all, clients that are ready to do the next step in the erotic massage experience can opt for the masseuse to be a nude lady that will have the same plan of the massage. Imagine how amazing is that. Ready to try? Or you may be delighted by the presence of any ladies masseuses to do the same. 2 or 3 ladies ca accompany you in the massage session as many feminine presences, much more hands to give you a massage means an increased pleasure, right? And as we give another definition of what means to be pampered in intimacy the erotic massage may be specific in techniques, for example to be a crazy party, a sensual and private session with whip cream.

More than this, sometimes the erotic massage can be the therapy for couples or just for you only. Decide with your partner and come together to a session of erotic massage; you have nothing to lose but to listen to your partner’s requests and pleasures, try understand, discover or rediscover intimacy in another way.

Any of these can be a massage session taking place not only in our salon but at the hotel where you decide it’s better. you just call and make an appointment, choose the place, hour and girl as we do the rest. This because we respect the clients, because we understand what means to want a time just for you, to find your way to a redefinition, to find the pleasure of life, the essence of life and take advantage of what that means. Besides the psychological part it is about intimacy level, the confidentiality for each case.

Also, for each and every type of massage we offer to your clients guests a free mini bar with something to drink and serve, to get in the perfect mood sooner. That counts in equal measure; as long as you are open minded, curios and ready for the massage action you’ll enjoy it at maximum. Even to be a first time client define your character and then opt for the perfect massage to meet your requests.