erotic massage

Maybe you want to surprise your partner. Nothing could be more appropriate than a massage, but not of any kind: an erotic massage. If you have no idea about how you should do this, we offer a few tips below.

1. Rub the cervical area

Many people tend to accumulate a great deal of tension in this area, into the muscles located right between the shoulder blades. Release his tension by putting a little massage oil or lotion to the base of the spine. With your thumbs, massage the spine by climbing up gradually till you reach the cervical area. Finally, rub his top back and shoulders and to completely release the tension.

2. Any massage gesture must be very light but firm

Gently touch his back by lightly slapping it. Such touches stimulate erotic energy, thus reaching nerve impulses directly to the erogenous zones.

3. Use your lips

Remove any excess oil or lotion from your partner’s body. Then take a deep breath and place your lips at the base of his spine to climb by kissing up to the area behind the neck. To make it more exciting, release light exhales after each kiss.

4. Preheat his back

Use your hands to explore its entire back, from lumbar to the cervical area. With slow movements and repeated massage using palm rest, heat up all his back, one area at a time. You can perform this procedure even before applying massage oil or lotion.

5. Preheat him more

Keep going with the previous massage movements and speed them up. This procedure will allow you to bring him further relaxation, as you will “warm” him up more and more.

6. Rub the ankles (you’ll see why!)

Ask him to turn face up and begin to rub his ankles, applying pressure to both sides of the tendons. Do not apply pressure on the tendon itself, but to the surrounding areas.

Perhaps you’re wondering why it’s so important to rub his ankles. We explain: there is a hot spot along that tendon which is said to stimulate the prostate and genitals. Your partner might even tell you he feels some tingling in the leg – that’s a sign that you approached that point. Rest assured – surely the effect will be visible when you reach the exact spot.

7. Use your own body

The following part is a very exciting one. Get naked (unless you already are) and use your own body to massage your partner. Cover yourself with massage oil or lotion and by slow movements, massage your partner’s body. You can do this also when your partner is lying face down, and when he’s face up.

8. Do not ignore the nipples

This erogenous zone is often neglected for men. While you’re on top, massaging him with your own body, use your lips and tongue to stimulate his nipples. He will definitely appreciate it, because in those moments (and all the others) he will feel intense pleasure.

After you have completed all these steps, you can continue as you wish. Most likely, however, your partner will lose his patience and you will both continue the thing for which you have prepared yourself and organized this wonderful prelude.