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Erotic massage versus classical massage

We talked about the benefits of getting a massage. It is clearly that such a treatment can be considered as a therapy for the whole body, but also for the soul. You get to experience what is like to release the stress level, to relax and see life with another attitude. This is all about a classic massage. When it comes about the erotic part of this story, get ready to experience how it is to be spoiled by a gorgeous woman.
Today we present you a few ideas in comparison, between the classic massage and the erotic part, to show you what the main advantages of this story are. In the “battle” between these two, which of the sides will you prefer next time?

The moves
When it comes to the classic type of massage, be ready to sense the intense moves but not in a pleasant way. A classic massage will involve to put pressure on the muscles, to release the tension but this may feel a little bit too hard for you. The reason is a therapeutically way to work on your different parts of the body and eliminate the tension.
When it comes to the erotic massage, be ready to sense the moves in a gentle and a totally pleasant way. The masseuse may try to relax you by tickling you – sometimes, or by adding some sensual ingredient in the story; she seduces you with the moves, she doesn’t add force to the moves. Also, the moves are all over the body, not just for one area.

The nudity
We must say in both cases there are some nudity scenes involved. For the classic massage you only have to reveal the back part, usually the part when the message is performed. When it comes about the erotic massage the nudity is implied nevertheless.
The common part? You can keep the pants on. The difference? Well, the erotic part means to let your senses go crazy, to arouse, to be spoiled in this way. So the person who will perform the massage will also be quite naked. That is not going to happen during a classic massage session.

The experience

Even though it is up to each and every one of you to determine what type of massage is better to be chosen, we cannot ignore the fact that each and every type has its own benefic aspects. For example women tend to be a little bit more skeptical when it comes to the erotic massage so for them the more common choice will be about the classic one. At the opposite, men have a different way of thinking.

The classic massage is necessary when you need refreshment and relaxation for your back part for example. But when you want to have a complex experience then you should definitely choose the erotic massage. It involves an activity correlated with the intimacy part, so in a mixt way with the benefits of the massage itself you get to have a treatment like no other.
Also in both cases you will meet a person you have never seen before, so the experience to deal with a new person is in an equal way checked. It is important to mention this because this should not be a reason for you to deny yourself the pleasure of the massage, no matter the type of it.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female. We can offer you the erotic massage the way you want, in the circumstances you want. So we will wait for you in the saloon but so we can send the masseuse into the hotel room also. Want to try?

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The secrets of a perfect erotic massage

You heard that saying, according to which nothing compares with a specialist. Well when it comes to an erotic massage there are also some huge differences between such a massage session in a parlor and the intention of having some fun at home, with your partner.

Today we reveal you some inside secrets about the ingredients of a perfect erotic massage.We offer full disclosure of the story so you fully understand the concept and know what you should expect to happen when you decide to take a massage in our salon.

  • An intimate room – the perfect place and also a corner of heaven


intimate room for perfect massage

To benefit of a perfect session of erotic massage, we must have in the first place the perfect space for that, right? So, in our salon we have arranged special rooms in this regard. You will have full intimacy, alongside some relaxing music, with some fragrances around that we special use for the purpose of inducing a relaxing mood.
Also expect for the masseuses to use some special aromatherapy oils. This is the next step.

  • Oils for a special massage

It is absolutely important for the moves and the touches of the masseuse to be accompanied by the softness of her hands. And in that regard, oils for massages are used – not randomly chosen ones but of course special types. By this we mean oils that have aromatic fragrances, those aimed to arouse, to stimulate and also to relax the body. There are a few options out of the many available, correlated with the type of massage you want.

  • The erotic massage techniques and moves

Let’s not forget about the main interest here. An erotic massage means to have a complex of moves which all together will arouse in the most flattering way. Of course, the masseuses have to be trained in the name of that, becoming some sort of experts as this is their main field activity. Believe it or not, there are so many ways to seduce, so the whole arsenal is at your disposal.
As for the moves, you must know that different parts of the body are the hot spots for the erotic massage. So don’t be surprised if the masseuse will focus on specific parts. Can you imagine yourself sensing pleasure when the masseuse touches your chest, plays with your chest hair?
Also a very perceptive area is the inner thighs. Some are so sensitive as if they even touch themselves in a gentle way they tickle. Apart from such examples, there are also some parts as the back side, the shoulders what are included in the massage.

  •     The role played or the mystery of the act

You cannot predict the next move of the masseuse, you cannot guess what’s coming. Sometimes the masseuse will wear a mask, or a special suit, a lingerie that will drive you crazy. These are some examples refering to the ways in which she will seduce you and complete the erotic massage session.

Partially, each and every lady has her personal charm that will contribute to an extraordinary massage session. We cannot deny the fact that the feminine part of the story is a key element.
Men are seduced by them from the very beginning, when they see the beautiful ladies, along with their irresistible presences, and indeed they cannot resist of being spoiled by her moves and touches.

As a conclusion, the perfect erotic massage is about a multitude of elements, ingredients that all together constitutes the perfect recipe. Find out more about this subject by visiting our saloon – or better, just give us a call and make an appointment, selecting the lady you want to be your masseuse and you’ll experience by yourself what a perfect sensual massage means.

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Erotic massage, a misunderstood physical therapy


Erotic massage is a very delicate topic to talk about. It may be looked at with a lot of suspicion or with a sarcastic smile. However, if we take some time and really think about its meaning, you will find that erotic massage is a real therapy, with some unbelievable results. It offers you comfort, intimacy, sexual release and it improves your mood. Sometimes the connection between masseuses and clients are very special and very hard to find anywhere else. For lonely people, erotic massage is a bliss.

We thought about the benefits of erotic massages and made a very interesting list with some of them.

1. Relieves stress

It helps you deal very efficiently with the daily stress and your response to it. Even though you could feel very tensed, your responses to stress won’t be so obvious. You will calm down more quickly than ever and you will see the world in other colors, warmer tones.

2. Treats anxiety and other mental disorders

You won’t be afraid to tell what you really want to your masseuse, because she will be very open-minded and won’t look at you as client, but more like a friend, an intimate one. You will feel free to speak your mind, without being afraid you’d be judged. This really improves your social skills and sets your mind free. The erotic stimulation also helps you a lot.

3. Relaxes your muscles

The tension accumulated in your body can make you feel tired and apathetic. A good massage, done by a specialist (who happens to be very beautiful and caring) can radically improve your physical state. Your muscles will relax so you will feel more powerful and ready to do great things.

4. Reduces the headaches

Getting rid of those annoying headaches which tend to happen more frequently than expected is a big plus, because you won’t have to take medication. The massage is something natural that only brings good benefits. If you read the details about a pharmaceutical product, you will be more careful about what you are taking.

5. Reduces the pain

If you ever had some injuries caused by different problems or accidents, a good massage will help you ease the pain. You will definitely feel more comfortable and ok with your own person.

6. Makes you sleep better

Good sleep can improve almost everything: your ability to focus, brainpower, mood, stamina and so on. Remember that last time you slept well and your entire day was a success? If you do, imagine that after doing some massage sessions with our girls, you will feel like that almost every day. If it sounds good for you, don’t forget about the other benefits. All of them combined will make you feel like a god.
Remember that here, at Artemis Masaj, you will get what you really need and want. We are very open-minded, inhibition-free individuals and very careful with our customers, especially with their desires, because our entire customer service revolves around it.

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What to do – what not to do when you go to an erotic massage parlor

A few years back an erotic massage parlor was a quite unknown concept. But nowadays it is more likely that everyone knows about it, even though few are the ones that go frequently there. However, there are some rules, more likely referred to the common sense. Please read these do’s and don’ts before you go to an erotic massage parlor.

Say what you want

Our idea about satisfying the client means to give a proper massage, but we can’t guess what this should be like. So, from the very beginning, when you make an appointment you have to mention the type of erotic massage you want. But even there, when you get into the salon and meet the masseuses, you should say more about what your expectations are and communicate about how you would like the session to unfold.

Even when it is about removing the blanket, wanting a different type of music, more or less light in the room, please communicate – Do that!

Be there in time

Our services imply making appointments and due to the fact that we want to extend the hours of pleasure, we can offer you the erotic massages not in the parlor, but in the hotel room you choose. But in this regard, we need you to be there when it is the right time. One minute you are late, the other minute the masseuse has to rush to another appointment she has. So don’t be late, it is about being polite, right?

The same principle is applied in those cases you can’t make it to the appointment and you cancel it. We understand, but you have to say it a while earlier and not when or after you meet the masseuse.

Be relaxed

In fact, the whole point of coming to our parlor is to find the relaxation mood, right? The masseuse will help you with that. So, try not to be the active type of customer who wants to help. Asking about “do you want me to…” stay up, down, face up, face down and so on are cases of those who have so many emotions they can’t handle. Of course, the masseuse is there precisely in this regard. Let her do the things that need to be done.

Enjoy the time

The cell is off, the rush is off, the all-around is on pause. Think like that. We want you to enjoy the massage session at it’s pick, the whole erotic massage the masseuse has to offer. And the minute you realize you are there for that, things should just flow. Feel free to choose another masseuse, to choose 2 or even 3 masseuses, feel free express your thoughts by telling us what is what you want to experience – we have ideas and solutions for all the types of massages known. That is what it is all about.

Are you allergic to something? Let us know what it is! Do you have a sensitive skin? Mention that to us; we also have special oils for the special massages we offer, so the masseuse will use them instead of the ones they should have normally. You can say specifically what your problems are before the session even starts. And the rest of the story is just about pleasure.

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Why is the massage a great choice in the later years?

A lot of people say that our body is a temple. In fact, our body is the most expensive „thing” that we have and as the time passes we realize this more and more. In order to take care of it we have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Well, the massage is one of the greatest activities that you can benefit from and it brings a lot of pleasure, no matter the age you have.

In the next few words we will focus on the people who are in their later years and we will explain why the massage is a great choice for them. Are you in the same situation? If yes then you agree that your body lost its stamina, flexibility and you are no longer as active as you were in your youth, right? Don’t panic, it’s absolutely normal and the massage, especially the erotic one, will bring you a great feeling. Let’s explain why:

It relaxes your body

As the years are passing by your body craves for energy, your muscular tissues become more tight and you are a lot more fragile. Added to all of these, we must say that your body contracts a lot more and a certain amount of pain can be felt because of that.

The best thing that can happen to you is to find a way to relax and release all the tension in your whole body. Here is the point where erotic massage is the best thing that can happen to you. After just a session you will be like a different man, happy, relaxed and ready to enjoy every minute of your life.

It is well known that massage is a great activity for your body, but it can also improve your mentality. How? Let’s see in the next ideas.

You will definitely be happier

It is a fact that in the later years your life is more like a routine and because of that your mind can be affected. There aren’t so many activities that you can do and that are able to make you feel as good as an erotic massage.

When you find a great salon and some professional masseuses then you will be on pretty good hands. If you try a session at Artemis Massage Club, our spot from Bucharest, you will definitely know what happiness looks like.

To complete this idea, we have to say that the massage helps your brain release endorphins. What are endorphins? Well, if you didn’t know, these are the hormones that are also known as the ones who are responsible for happiness.

You get more confident

If you are elder then most surely you are not very active anymore (sexually speaking), as you were a few years ago. Also, we can say that intimacy and emotional state can be affected. What you really need in this situation is to become more confident and this is what the erotic massage has to offer.

How does this happen? The secret stands in the fact that into such an erotic session the control of your body is taken over by the masseuse. You let it all go – stress, anxiety, tension – and you are deeply involved and connected with the massage therapist.

After just one session you will be happy with your body, you will have a great state of mind and intimacy will no longer be a problem. These aspects will convert you into a person full of confidence!

As a conclusion, we can say that massage is a great therapy and it’s one of the greatest choices you can make in your later years!

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4 tips to enjoy your massage even better

Everyday we complain about the daily activities we encounter. We don’t have enough time to enjoy some good moments, to relax and the stress is always present. That’s a common issue of 21’st century. Well, we may have a stresfull job and plenty of activities but the main reason wich sets us into a certain mood is, surprise, surprise…the atmosphere and the way we spend our time.

When we speak about massage we want to get out of the shadow it’s main benefits: to relax the body – the muscular tissue in special, and, of course, to relax the mind. With that being said we have to know that the atmosphere is really important and it has to be considered with care.

After all we said, we will present you in the next few ideas some tips you have to follow if you want to create the right mood for a massage session. Respect them and the results will surprise you in a really good way!

#1 Set the temperature

One of the most important aspects of a massage is … you guessed – the temperature. You have to realize that if you want to enjoy that session your body must be completely relaxed and the temperature needs to be perfect.

What is the perfect value of temperature? We must say that we all have some different preferences but usually it is around 23 to 25 degrees, on Celsius scale. If you respect this advice you will fully enjoy every touch, and combining some massage oil with a revigorant aroma will get you to heaven.

#2 Adjust the light

How many times did you realise that if the ambiental light is very strong you get more tired and stressed? Yes, it is true! The light is really important and has a great impact for your eyes and eventually, your brain.

That’s why you have to adjust the light to a lower intensity, a change that will create a warm, relaxing and silent atmosphere, wich is really great for a massage session. In contrast with this idea you can think about the strobe light and the effect it has for your mood, creating an anxiety and a tight feeling.

To make it easy for you we recommend using some candles to create the perfect massage atmosphere. The result will be really relaxing and more intimate than you will ever believe. Just try!

#3 Use some essences

Did you knew that a high percentage of pleasure comes from your olfactive sense? Is it really so? Be sure about that. What can you do in this direction?

The answer is really simple and it consists of some fragrances and essences who can come in different forms, such as candles, sticks, bottles and many others. You will be really surprised about the effect of a great aroma as an aphrodisiac.

#4 Don’t forget about some music

Last but not least, for a full excitement of your senses you have to look up some really good music. You don’t have to worry about this tip because it is really simple to find something perfect for a massage session.

All you have to do is to find some good ambiental music, with nature, rain, birds, something wich can give you a complete feeling of escape and chill. There are a lot of playlists on the internet so this is really an easy task for you.

In the end, we have to say that taking care of the atmosphere inside that massage space will bring a lot of benefits for your body, mind and spirit. There is nothing that stops you from having some really good time and enjoying a perfect massage!

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What are the main purposes of an erotic massage therapist?

Nowadays, the art of erotic massages is no longer a taboo subject for anyone. Therefore, more and more men prefer to enjoy the company of a beautiful erotic massage therapist, who can lead them into a relaxation universe.

It is well known that one of most men’s favourite activities is to benefit from an erotic massage at a professional erotic massage salon. You may wonder: what exactly makes this experience go beyond a man’s fantasies? Well, in the next paragraphs we will explain more about how our professional therapists from Artemis Salon get to be so successful at their job.

An erotic massage therapist – what does she have to do?

The art of erotic massages is being practiced in the whole world for years. More exactly, this is a unique combination of tantric, sensual and relaxing techniques which are proved to improve the body’s health. More than that, erotic massage can lead to harmony between the body and spirituality so as to relieve stress and achieve a full relaxation.

There isn’t a successful recipe for practicing an erotic massage by the book. The most important thing related to this activity is passion. Therefore, our erotic massage therapists are preferred by clients mostly because they combine passion in each little gesture.

The main purposes of our erotic massage therapists are presented in the following lines

Creating a relaxing ambiance

When a client comes at Artemis Salon, he will be met with a relaxing and intimate ambiance, in order to introduce him to a universe totally different from the daily reality.

The great majority of the men who want to benefit from an erotic massage are in need of a quality time spent in silence, along a sensual atmosphere.

Therefore, our erotic massage therapists are extremely careful when they prepare each room apart. It is a perfect combination between flavored scents, comfortable bed sheets and relaxing music.


Some men aren’t apparently so willing to speak about their problems, but for an extremely relaxing session, there is nothing more important than communication between the client and the professional therapist.

Our erotic massage therapists from Artemis Salon are giving their best in order to represent that oasis of peace that these men need so much. It is recommended to start with simple questions about how would they like to proceed in the erotic massage, which are their desires and by that the communication base is established. After that, the erotic massage therapists continue in this matter so that the clients can feel free to talk about anything is possible, without inhibitions and prejudices.

erotic massage

Combining different massage techniques

As we have said before, erotic massages involve a harmonious combination between three types of massages (there can be more than three): the tantric massage, the sensual and the relaxing one. Each of these types has its particularities which can make it quite difficult for one therapist if she doesn’t know well all of these techniques.

Another thing to point out regarding the combinations of these massage techniques is related to the oils which are used. The oil is fundamental in each type of massage, but when it comes to an erotic one the therapist must use oils with some aphrodisiac effects over the client’s body. In this way, the experience of the erotic massage will exceed his own expectations.

As you may notice from the previous lines, an erotic massage involves patience, attention to the clients and the desire to fulfill its needs. If you are interested in benefiting from a professional erotic massage we are expecting you at Artemis Salon. Our massage therapists are always ready to lead you to a relaxing universe.

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Secrets revealed: how to give him the perfect sensual massage

This topic will surely set you into the right mood. You might be anxious to find out what are the secrets we use at Artemis Massage in order to offer a unique experience every time. Come to think of it, the art of sensual massage is not that complicated – but that’s our professional opinion. Anyway, read on if the idea of a surprise sensual massage popped into your head. The following tips will surely enlighten you.

We like to think that giving a great massage is the greatest present you could ever offer. If there is a sensual element in it, even better for your beloved one. Here is what you need to do:

1. Be aware of the benefits

Either you think about a sensual massage or a relaxing one, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? That’s right! It’s all about relaxation. Just that you know, giving a massage to your beloved one will bring the following benefits:

  • It relaxes muscles and soft tissue
  • It stimulates nerves and increases blood circulation
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It alleviates discomfort and tension
  • It improves sleep
  • It decreases stress
  • It helps reconnecting and spicing up your sex life


2. Use some kind of lubricant – it really improves a sensual massage

Rest assured, you don’t need a whole collection of tonics or expensive scented oils to give a great massage. You could get them, though, just to enhance the surprise. Anyway, you will need some sort of lubricating agent, so that your hands and your whole body will glide better on your partner’s skin.

Also, you need to make sure that the lubricant you use has a pleasant scent. Pick lavender for relaxation, a citrus scent for energizing or something of aphrodisiac nature – after all, you’re giving him a sensual massage, right?

3. Apply just the right pressure

The pressure you apply is very important. There is a fine line when it comes to this, as a light massage is equally uncomfortable as using too much pressure. You have to go not too hard and not too light – maybe now when you’re reading this it doesn’t make sense, but you’ll understand better when you will apply this advice.

The best way to rest assured is to start gently and lightly and ask him if he wants you to apply much more pressure. The massage should be focused and relaxing, not irritating.

4. Set the right mood

The effect of a sensual massage will be enhanced if you make sure that you pay attention to the environment. Here is what you need to do:

  • Turn off phones, laptops, TVs and any other source of distraction
  • Select a soothing, relaxing and sensual playlist that you will both benefit from
  • Dim the lights
  • Use scented candles
  • Get everything ready and at hand: towels, massage oil, bed sheets, water, maybe a bottle of wine and anything else you think you may need
  • Get your sexiest outfit out of the closet, or go buy one – your beloved one will surely be surprised

So, there you have it. Make a checklist if you want, so that you don’t forget what you need to do when you want to give him a sensual massage. As we mentioned, phones and other distractions must be put aside, and you won’t be able to search this article to review the ingredients.

You could also surprise him and pamper yourself too! Come to Artemis Masaj Bucharest and book an hour of pleasure! More info here.

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Common mistakes you should avoid when practicing an erotic massage

Many people are tempted to believe that practicing an erotic massage is an activity which should lead to a better sex. Well, this assumption is not entirely wrong, but it is also important to know that many sexual pleasures are not created just by the intercourse. For example, erotic massages represent an art of intimate caresses between two life partners, representing the contemplation of the natural body’s beauty and also a harmony of a couple’s feelings.

In order to receive and give back a positive sexual energy, every woman who wants to experience the art of an erotic massage within her relationship with her lover must know what are the most common mistakes to avoid in this matter. Therefore, in the next paragraphs we will explain what should you never do while practicing an erotic massage.

You should NEVER heat the massage oil in a microwave before practicing the erotic massage

Yes, we all know that feeling when the massage oil is too cold and gives us some trembles. Even though this may happen to your partner too, you should never try to heat the oil. The only thing you can do is to warm it up with your palms before starting to massage your lover. Also, you can avoid this by keeping the oil at room temperature for some hours before surprising your boyfriend.

Avoid dripping oil onto your lover’s body

We all have seen those movies when men benefit from a sensual erotic massage and the therapists starts by dripping oil onto their bodies. Yes, it may seem a smart and sexy move, but only if you are acting in movies.

In real life, no man will enjoy the erotic massage if you drip cold oil onto his body. This action will feel terrible, mainly because the skin is warm and the oil way too cold for touching it. In this way, the erotic massage will not even be closer to your lover’s expectations.

Your thumbs should be your secret weapon when practicing an erotic massage as a professional therapist

In many erotic massages within couples and also in some massage salons with new therapists the thumbs are frequently used. Well, this is certainly a mistake one should definitely avoid making.

For start, think about the moment when someone else is massaging your body. When thumbs are overused, the magic moment never takes place.

Therefore, we highly recommend to use your thumbs only at the beginning of the erotic massage in order to give to your lover a taste of what is going to happen later on. Use your thumbs at the end of the erotic massage and you will notice the positive effects of this action.

Practice the erotic massage art because it is fun and will make you both get relaxed, but don’t try to fix some physical problems while you’re there

An erotic massage is the best way to spend some quality time with your partner in the intimacy of your bedroom. Also, you will both have the opportunity to relax and to reconnect in a sexual way.

Don’t use erotic massages as the only way to help your partner by fixing his body ailments. This should be done by professionals. When you surprise him with an erotic massage, focus only on exploring sexuality within your couple.

erotic massage

Surprise him with an erotic massage because you want to, and not because you expect something in return

Many women tend to frequently do this mistake. Therefore, we advise you to explore the art of the erotic massages only if you strongly want this, and not for some other reasons.

If your partners will feel the need to return this surprise, you will certainly enjoy it more than asking for it.

Therefore, if you think about surprising the one you love with an erotic massage, in order to be successful in this matter we strongly recommend to avoid these frequently mistakes which we presented you previously.

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The erotic massage: explore beyond your sexual boundaries

When it comes to sexual experiences, we all know that as long as we explore more in bed with our life partner, there are more chances to make our relationship stronger. Even though sex is extremely important in a couple’s life, there are many other ways to spice-up your relationship.

Therefore, in the next lines we will explain how exactly can you explore your sexual boundaries in bed with your life partner by practicing an erotic massage as a professional therapist.

The art of an erotic massage within a couple

erotic massage

First of all, think about what would you like to receive in this matter. More precisely, what would you expect from an erotic massage practiced by the one you love? Which part of his body attracts you more? After you will identify the answers to these questions, you will be able to know exactly what to offer him.

Another thing to consider is regarding the main reason which makes most men appeal to professional massage parlors. For example, there are men who feel much more comfortable in the company of an erotic massage therapist than with their own life partner. Which women would like to be in this position? Well, to avoid these typical cases, you must make your man desire you more and more. Long story short, you must become the perfect lover for your partner.

Find out what he likes in bed. There are some who are attracted of some certain types of underwear, there are some who would like to benefit of an erotic massage as part of a fantasy of their own and so on. You must learn how to explore both: your own sexuality and your man’s too. When you get to know a man in bed, you will feel much more confident in practicing an erotic massage.

Mainly, the art of an erotic massage doesn’t refer only to the idea of benefits for just one of the partners. The benefits of this sexual practice are for the both of you, even if only one combines many techniques for the other. Therefore, each woman who decides to surprise her life partner with an erotic massage must enjoy each second of this perfect moment.

Don’t forget that no one is putting pressure on you. This is your special moment with the man you love and you must feel as good as the other one.

The erotic massage practice is being known from the past as the perfect way to bond with the person you are involved into a relationship. Try leaving beside all prejudices and inhibition, because these are not going to help spicing up your relationship.

Another thing to consider regarding erotic massages refers to the ambient you create for the other one. The ambient must include the perfect lightening, the most sensual music and some aphrodisiac scents.

Therefore, the erotic massage is the perfect way you can choose to explore your sexuality within your relationship with your life partner. This action will make you two get closer in bed and reconnect better.

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